Injection to reduce endo/simulate menopause


I've just been diagnosed with severe endometriosis. I've been scheduled for laparoscopic surgery on Wednesday (27th August), but my consultant suggested postponing surgery and having an injection to suppress oestrogen/induce "false" menopause for 3-6 months, then operating. I have a rapidly growing endometrioma (5 cm at the moment) on my ovary. Has anyone else had experience of this injection?

Hugely appreciate any advice! x

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  • I am currently on the injection called Lupron that might be similar to what you are talking about. I have had 2 injections and it seems that's all I'm getting right now. I had surgery a month ago to remove 6 fibroids and 2 cysts and the doctor found stage 4 endometriosis. He said he has me on the shots to hopefully reduce the chance of reoccurring fibroids and cysts. I have been lucky and haven't had any side affects, but I heard you can get pretty bad ones.

  • Yes and for me it was a miracle! I have stage 4 endo and several very large growths which were completely resolved by the zoladex and no bleeding or pain during the injections but the laparoscopy to remove them worked initially then a week later the growths had come straight back! I am now on a 5 year trial of zoladex and low dose HRT to keep mine in check and haven't had an op in over a year! Whereas I was having 3-4 a year before x I would say drugs before knife everytime because each cut of a blade makes more endo grow x

  • Just to say I've also found this feedback very useful. I have been really cautious of having the injections - due to a history of difficulties with the pill - and have refused so far. Perhaps I should not dismiss it so easily as an option?

  • I had two laparoscopy due to stage 4 endometriosis so i was prescribed zoladex for 4 months after each operation I would say it did stop the pain and the growth but I would say I didn't like the side effects. It's been a year since I stopped the last dose I'm not in pain only when I have my period and I have regular checkup every 6 months just to see if the Endo is growing again. So it's better to try and see it works for you

  • I was offered zoladex but sought a second opinion from a specialist who said he doesn't agree with using it as the first option for treating endo as it doesn't get rid of it. He said the only way to get rid of it is by surgery. Obviously if you have surgery and it comes back then you'd have to look at othet options, but I think for many women they have surgery and it never returns, or if it does it could be years.

  • Personally I'd take the surgery hun! Especially as it's this week. I had to wait 6 months for my surgery and in that time I was put on decapeptyl injections. It made my symptoms worse and the side effects were horrendous. I was so so poorly and couldn't work. Had the surgery in May and 3 months on I'm a new woman. So glad I had the op it really has been life changing for me.x

  • I am on these injections and my pain is still the same. The consultant has said that it should be better and is suggesting its something else (which I dont agree with). Only had hot flushes so for me side effects are not bad. Im not sure how to play it with the consultant should I insist on a second opinion as they are reluctant to do surgery because of the no iprovement with the injections. Your thoughts would be appreciated please.

  • Thanks so much for all of your replies!!! I'll definitely go ahead with the surgery now and hope they can treat most of it anyway - if not, it'll be the hormone treatment & another op in 3-6 months. Fingers crossed... x

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