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Pregnancy after endo?

Hello everyone,

I am 27 got married two years ago. Was diagnosed with endo just after I got married even though I had spotting for almost 5 years before marriage. I had a laparoscopy last july and the doctor said the spotting should stop now but nothing's changed! :(

I've seen many doctors and most of them said I need to go for IVF. Has anyone got pregnant after was diagnosed with endo? Has anyone conceived even though there was spotting?

I am really tired of it :( And IVF costs a fortune so I dont know if I need to go for it now or try to figure out the spotting first.

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I had stage 4 endo, PCOS and a bicornate uterus. I have one healthy son and I am pregnant again so it definitely is possible for some people.

Have you had your endo excised? I got pregnant following my surgery to remove the endo and put my various organs back in the right place. My surgeon said I would have the best chance of conceiving following the removal. I was fortunate that my endo did not affect my ovaries.

Have you had any investigations in relation to your fertility - to check you tubes/that you ovulate regularly etc?

D x


Thanks for your reply D. The doctor said there are no endo tissues anywhere but on the left overy. It was just a chocolate syst and he opened it and cleaned it. My right tube is blocked and fimberal end dissolved from endo, but the other tube is normal. He said also the right overy was fixed to ipsilateral tube from endo but looks normal.

I did hormone tests was normal. Ovulation was also normal and I have very accurate cycles.


I hope you get what you want. I know how lucky I am to have mine. Sometimes it can just take longer, my friend tried for four years and now has a beautiful little boy. They offered her fertility testing which showed no issues.

Sending baby dust your way.



I've been trying for 15 months since my lap and diagnosis and no luck at getting pregnant yet.my Gynae has said my fertility shouldn't be effected yet here I am still trying for my 1st xx

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I wish you luck Katy! I am trying for my first too. I took clomid this month and just yesterday took the HCG injection. If it doesnt work then I might need to have another lap the doctor said!

Let's stay positive and hopeful and I'll keep you in my prayers!


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I conceived naturally twice. I was diagnosed at 17 and had my children when I was 27 and 30.

I have uterine, bladder and bowel (colorectal endo.

I am very lucky to have them both, as I know many people struggle.


I am so happy for you Sally! May God bless. I just have a question in this regard. Did you have prolonged brown spotting? I keep seeing this brownish discharges until day 12-15, means even after my ovulation is over.


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