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I I have read on here that goin to a general gyni hasn't helped many people my doc has refferred me to a gyni Bt wouldn't listen to me about my pains etc she would only reffer me because ov my failure to fall pregnant after 4 n half years I have had pelvic n abdominal scans which were clear. I have been speeking to people on here and have been told it sounds like rectovaginal Endo so is there much point in goin to gyni or would I need to see a specialist?? Xxx

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  • Hi Hun it would be worth it if only to get diagnosis. Once you have that you can go back and get referral to specialist. They will probably not argue once you have a diagnosis.

  • ok thank u. Appreciate all ur help and answering all my questions xxxxxx

  • No problem Hun  anytime.

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