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Review of Endovan

Hello, ladies. I posted for the first time a few weeks ago on here, and promised that I'd write a review of "endovan" once I'd taken it for a while.

Note: I'm not getting paid by anyone to write a review; I am independent of the company that makes it and all similar companies. This is a real review of endovan.

I've been keeping a diary of symptoms to compare. I started taking it at three capsules per day (they recommend two, but three if you have high metabolism) 13 days ago. After nine days, my period started, so I have something to compare. The first two days are always the worst for me, so here are my symptoms on those days before (after):

Day 1:

Abdominal pain: Severe (Moderate)

Anxiety: Moderate (N/A)

Bloating: Mild (Mild)

Body Aches: Moderate (N/A)

Chills: Moderate (N/A)

Cramps: Severe (Moderate)

Crying: Moderate (N/A)

Fatigue: Severe (N/A

Fever: Mild (N/A)

Frequency of urination: Mild (Mild)

Irritability: Moderate (N/A)

Flow: Mild (Mild)

Day 2:

Abdominal pain: Severe (N/A)

Bloating: Severe (N/A)

Body Aches: Severe (N/A)

Cramps: Severe (Mild)

Crying: Moderate (N/A)

Fatigue: Moderate (N/A)

Leg Pain: Moderate (N/A)

Nausea: Mild (N/A)

Frequency of urination: Mild (Moderate)

Flow: Moderate (Heavy)

Diarrhea: Moderate (N/A)

This is only the difference between two cycles, so I'll update again. I also have been having pain during ovulation, so I'll post on this thread once I have any data to share on that. So far, so good! Anyone else trying it?

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I'll have to look it up as I've never heard of it before. Sounds interesting - will be useful to know how it compares to before over a longer stretch of time.



Ok, it has now been 22 days on endovan, and I'm still showing improvement! I made it through ovulation with barely ANY symptoms. I had a few moments with little twinges of pain, but nothing like before! For reference, here are my symptoms from my last ovulation prior to starting endovan:

Bloating: Severe

Cramps: Moderate

Crying/Moodiness: Mild

Diarrhea: Mild (I still had some mild diarrhea this time, but that may be normal...?)

Fatigue: Severe

Frequency of Urination: Severe

Headaches: Mild

Nausea: Mild

These are my symptoms from the day before to the day after. Like I said, I didn't feel the need to record anything at all this time around! I am so excited that this seems to be working... I'll keep updating here as time goes on to let you know if the improvement continues.

OH, and notice how my bloating was severe before - I was bloated all the time! My husband commented on how my bloating had gone down this past weekend - I'm almost back to where I was a year ago! No dieting or anything, this was just bloat that finally reduced significantly. I have another inch or two of bloating in my abdomen, but it has gone down 4-6 inches, I'd guess. I wish I had measured my waist before so I could give actual stats, but that's about a 10-15% reduction.


Thanks for sharing your experiences and I'm glad to hear it's going well for you. Looking forward to your future updates.


Hi , thank you for posting this. I would like to try this out mainly for bloating, just wanted to ask did you have to consult your GP first ?


Hi, sorry for the delay in responding! I did not consult my GP, but I'm also not on any prescription medication. If you're taking any meds, you should DEFINITELY go over the list of ingredients for any supplements with your doctor for possible interactions.

I was a bit bloated this past weekend (supposed to start my period any day now) but I also ate Chinese food.... so I'm not sure what to blame. :) The bloating is almost gone again so I'm thinking it was the yummy food.


Hi, Red - Did you wind up trying endovan? What did your GP say about it?


Omg sorry, just realised I never responded to your last reply! :(

I did ask my specialist but she said she preferred if I didn't take anything. The prostap and pill combined are giving me enough problems lol & I'm on other medication for my back as well!

However, I have found pure green tea to help so much with the bloating, thank god!

Thanks so much for your reply :)


I'm glad you found something to help with the bloating! Endovan is still working for me, but I also started taking iron supplements because I figured out that I was deficient from all of the blood loss. Good luck! :)

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I come off the prostap soon, so I will be asking the specialist about endovan. Sometimes I get bad days where nothing helps, but after improving my diet and drinking lots of green tea, its helped a lot more. Oh gosh I used to hate taking iron supplements, hope you don't have to take them for too long x



This will be a quick update... it's been 44 days on endovan now. I reduced to two pills a day (and I've missed one or two pills) about four weeks ago because it's expensive! Two pills seems like it has been enough to maintain my AWESOME results described previously. I've been through another period, and just had minor cramps easily dealt with using Pamprin. The only other change that I observed this time was that those disgusting blobs of blood clots were non-existent. Before, I'd have them on the second and third days, some as large as a tablespoon! This time there were a couple of tiny strings of clots, but no lumps at all! I've also noticed that the fatigue isn't as bad. I may just be getting tired because I'm human and I tend to push myself very hard... but I'm not in that constant brain fog anymore, just resisting the urge to crawl back in bed.

I'm going to continue taking endovan and may try backing down to one pill a day to save costs... It's DEFINITELY worth it for me though!

Has anyone else tried it with any results (good or bad)? I hope that it can help other women the way it has helped me!!! I feel like I have my life back!


Hello! I wanted to post another update. I found that I really need to take 3 pills per day to keep all of the endo symptoms at bay. If I consistently take them, I feel fine. If I forget or try to be cheap and reduce the dosage little twinges of pain come back after a few days and I begin to bloat again.

Recently I've been feeling extra tired and lazy... I'm pretty sure I am iron deficient. I had been assuming it was part of endo (which it may have been, read on) but I've had such improvement for my other symptoms that I started to suspect that it was something else. I'm vegetarian, so it makes sense that I wasn't getting enough iron in my diet. Apparently that may have been to blame for my general feelings of tiredness, random shortness of breath, and skin problems. Based on some research, women with endo can become iron deficient because of heavy periods (which I used to have before taking endovan and still have flow heavier than the average woman). I'm taking supplements now and already feel a lot less tired. Hopefully this will work!


I've decided to be the guinea pig. I can afford to take 3 endovan per day, but I know that a lot of women can't - I hate that!!! It breaks my heart that women may get results by using it but they can't afford it because healthcare doesn't cover natural remedies! But I digress...

I've read on other forums that for some people, taking the main ingredient in endovan has helped them - "nattokinase." You can buy this from herbal stores (I like vitacost.com) so I just ordered a bottle. A bottle of 90 pills of nattokinase costs about $15, wherease a bottle of 60 endovan pills costs about $50. Now that I know what works for me (3 endovan pills per day) I'm going to see if I can reduce my endovan intake by adding nattokinase pills. It may not work at all... but I can tell within a few days if reducing endovan is bringing my symptoms back so it shouldn't take long!

First I'm going to try going down to 2 endovan + 1 nattokinase (2000 FU) to see if I still feel good. If that works, I'm going to go down to 1 endovan + 2 nattokinase. I'll keep reducing until I'm only taking nattokinase pills if possible, but I suspect that there's other "stuff" in the endovan pills that synergistically works with the nattokinase... We shall see!

I'll post another update with results of my super scientific trial! :)

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How did this end up working for you?


Thanks for reminding me!

I reduced until I was down to just nattokinase but I just didn't feel 100% long-term. The bloating started to return so I think the other "stuff" in endovan was helping. I just ordered more endovan and it came last week, so I'm back on that (taking two pills a day though instead of three). I think that I really needed to take 3/day at first to get rid of a lot of build-up I had in my system, but now I'm fine maintaining at 1-2 per day (since I forget to take the second one some days).

If anyone wants to try for themselves taking less endovan than I do and supplementing with generic nattokinase to try to get to their personal baseline level of health, that may work for them. I definitely think the cost is worth it! It sounds cliche to people who haven't suffered from the daily pain, but I have my life back!

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Hi AshleyEngineer,

Thanks for your updates. Do you have any updates after all this time has passed? I have endometriosis and want to try so please let me know.

All the best, thanks.


hi Natalia,

I am an endo patient too. a mother of two grown ups. I have been in pain since 2001-2. I had all of acute pain on my lower abdomen and right side of abdomen. Upon checking I was diagnosed with endometriosis and appendix pain. my right ovary was in a bad bad condition and due to that my appendix got inflamed too and i had to get both removed. i was in constant pain day in day out. being an extremely active person i was confined and shackled in pain, bleeding, clotting, pain in other parts of body as well. i most likely have rheumatoid arthritis too for which i have never gone to check because I can't take another medicine. I started endeavor in 2010, and let me tell you it worked wonders for me. I was in bed for atlas 10-15 days in a month. I was constant complaining. i have iron deficiency too. I started taking my iron meds as well but with stool softener so one doesn't get constipated. make sure you take a stool softener along with the iron as it will be a relief. endovan has helped me a lot. I have been swimming after receiving the much needed relief from the pain. Swimming has helped me a lot too. my stamina, happiness, lifestyle changed a lot. i can go to the gym regularly now. after a while i got marina IUD inserted, and that helped me too but i did not stop taking endovan. eventually i stopped taking endovan as IUD is working well for me, so don't want to take a lot of meds. you will feel the world of difference if you try. I took my chances, and it worked out fine. I took iron for three years but with a softener. There has been no side effect on that part as well. I have heard a lot of people asking if stool softener can create problem but in my case it didn't. now that I don't use iron and softener I still have bowel movements just fine. My condition does take a toll on me but that is not very often now.

However, rheumotoid has been playing games with me lately. inflammation in my joints all over the body has been bothering me. i have swollen feet and hand, and it felt as though lava coming out of it. the throbbing pain in my entire body. my mind says i can accomplish 5 miles but my body won't take more than 2 miles. i can clean the house and do exercise. i can't combine two hard work together.

so just a week ago i read and researched on dry fast. I thought why not give it a try. it is a fast with no food or water for minimum 8 to 10 hrs, and then can be exceeded by hours you feel comfortable. I just dived in and did it for 16 hrs everyday starting 8pm to 12 pm the next day. its a miracle again. i am pain free and can combine three work in a day without a hint of stress. i plan on make it a habit with some changes. i hope this helps you.


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