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Prostap and periods

Hi All

I hope you are all doing ok today. I just had a quick question regarding the return of your cycles following Prostap. Actually maybe it's less of a question and just wanted to see what other ladies have experienced to put my mind at ease perhaps. 

I had Prostap 3 on 12th October last year as my surgeon recommended it to prepare for surgery (TPE, radical excision of stage 4 RV and complete pelvic endo and frozen pelvis free'ed up)

Anyway I had no pain relief from the prostap (or surgery so far actually and it was in December) but I'm concerned that my cycle has not yet come back how long after your last Prostap 3 jabs did yours come back?

As I said I had no pain relief from it and particularly around the times of when my ovulation or period would have been due my pain really flared as always. I'm currently in bed with ridiculously painful left ovary. 

I'm 40 this year and I'm very concerned about being in permanent menopause and damage to my ovarian function

Any advice or anyone who may understand would be great 

Thanks xxx

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