After waiting three months of waiting for gynaecology appointment today's the day just hope it not going to be a waste of time like it was the last time but dont know what to expect and also having a bad night of having stabbing pains in ovary area and feeling so drained and sick lying on sofa with hot water bottle waiting for pain relief to kick in 😞😞😞

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  • hope its a good appointment for you x

  • Thanks I will let u know how I get on xx

  • Hi got on well at gynaecology seeing pelvic pain team got accupunture done today getting my next session is 21st April hoping it will help xx

  • Good luck, make sure you write down all symptoms so you don't forget whilst your in their xx

  • I won't thanks t bog Iv kept symptoms in my diary so I can show them that I will let u know how I get on xx

  • Hi tbog seen pelvic pain team and got accupunture done today and was great felt like she listened to me got next session accupunture on 21st April 

  • Good luck with your appointment, I found the gynaecologist useless when I first attended he kept dismissing my symptoms, I had to push for a laparoscopy, the way I see it is you know your own body and I was 100% confident that I had endometriosis, because my ultra sound showed nothing they did not want to investigate further, I am glad I was persistent as I was diagnosed with endo after my lap, I have had the coil since fitted and feel worse than before, I am back at the gynaecologist this month, I just hope they can help me as its really impacting my daily life 😊

  • Thanks for your reply I had my laprostopy last year dignosed endometriosis on my womb and aheadions on pouch of Douglas still seen no any better off and that's been over a year still suffering in pain so much forgotten what it's like to feel normal just going to push for answers as kept a diary so can tell them exactly what I want to say as no what it like to have useless gynaecologists spent from 2013 to 2014 pushing to get answers u know ur body and no when something wrong 

  • Hi Baxter I saw pelvic pain team got accupunture done today felt that she answered all my questions and felt really at ease xx

  • oh good I'm glad you had a good experience x

  • meant to ask was this your first acupuncture treatment? X

  • Yeah it was my first session xx

  • oo ok so hopefully with more treatments you'll start to see some results. Good luck. Let me know how it goes x

  • Kind of hoping but will keep you posted hoping to feel bit more human but hoping treatment helps 

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