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First Gynaecology appointment

After a long wait, I finally have an appointment for gyni in mid- June, the day after my birthday of course. Feeling both relived and nervous at the same time about it. Just want some answers for why I am in pain.

What should I expect from my first appointment? The part I think I am most nervous about is getting examined as i have never had a pelvic examination before?

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I can relate to the thirst for answers. I hope that you receive them and be granted a conclusion to help combat what is causing you to be in pain.

I understand that you are nervous but try to remain calm. I can honestly say that it wont be bad. My first scan before i was sent for an emergency op was filled with pain but you wont experience this! My checks now tend to revolve around ultra scans, and this is what they do to check for what is causing the pain. You will get petroleum jelly above your pubic area and they will search around there, and maybe a little bit up and around. I am having another scan next week, so i know the nervousness that you feel. I wish you the best of luck. It wont hurt. If you are unsure, ask questions. I do. I ask. I talk to get my mind off it.



Don't be nervous, its great you've managed to get seen! I had my first appointment at the end of last year, and it was so simple. He asked lots of questions about my symptoms (i took a diary of dates and what was wrong so i didn't forget anything) and then he asked if he could feel my belly - this was just him putting his hands on my belly and pressing down on different areas, and it was painless. He also asked if he could do an internal examination - so insetting a speculum (i think thats what there called - like when you have a smear test) and then just had a look and a feel to see if there was anything obviously abnormal. I was worried about this but it wasn't bad at all - only slightly uncomfortable, and then it was over.

After that he sent me off for another appointment to have an ultrasound on the outside of my belly, and also inside. This again was a little uncomfortable but nothing to worry about.

As long as you make sure you tell him all of your symptoms - no matter how private they are - then you'll be fine and hopefully you'll have a diagnosis sooner!

Good luck :)

Emma x


Thanks for the advice guys. I think it scares me more because i am only 18. Luckly I have a female doctor. or at least thats what it says on the letter


Hi cabbage 12,

I think youll find many people here who were nervous or apprehensive about their first gynae appointment so you're definitely not alone on that one :) Its daunting because you don't really know what to expect but providing you can keep yourself relaxed, as with everything, its not as bad as you expect its going to be.

My first gynae appointment was actually quite a positive experience after being in pain and having pelvic problems for around a decade with no explanation. I went in and the consultant asked me to explain the problems that I had been having and made notes of all of them. She then took a detailed medical history and asked questions about my family medical background etc then explained that shed like to do an examination.

Firstly, the external examination literally consists of them feeling around your belly with their hands for any abnormality and this is an opportunity for you to tell them where you usually experience pain if its concentrated in any particular area.

The internal part of the examination I was dreading. I had never had a smear test at that point and had heard the usual horror stories of how bad it was and how much pain I was going to be in... they couldn't be further from the truth! My consultant did everything with her hands and just had a feel around inside. I only really experienced a little pain when she pushed up from the inside and put pressure on my belly from the outside but it was manageable and she was very quick. Honestly, overall its more uncomfortable and a pressure feeling than actual pain but if you're really worried, you could always take some paracetamol before your appointment as ive heard this helps some people.

From my internal, the consultant said that she could feel some tender areas and suspected Endo so decided to put me in for the laparoscopy that gave me my Endo diagnosis and while its no fun having the condition, having a name for everything that you've been experiencing can be such a relief :)

My advice would be to be prepared for questions about your medical history and potentially that of your family (ie has anyone had similar issues to you in the past). Dont play any of your symptoms down, be honest. I was quite a timid person and didn't want to moan about how bad things were but they need to know the full extent of things to judge the best course of action so don't be afraid of saying it how it is.

As for the embarrassment of the examination, I know its really cliche but you have to remember that theyve seen it all (and worse) a million times. I had a young male medical student in on my exam which was a little bit awkward for me but when they started chatting medical jargon during the exam, I realised that this actually was nothing to them and my embarrassment wasnt needed. I also had the option of asking him to sit out the exam but the consultant said that one day, he might be treating me and I realised that medical knowledge is as much about hands on experience as everything else so agreed to him staying. Of course if this happens to you, it is entirely your choice and they never hold it against you if you say no :) I think with you only being young too, theyll take that into account and try and ease your nerves a bit more. The way I looked at it is id just chatted to a stranger about my periods, bowel habits and sex life so the examination really isn't any more embarrassing as that! I don't know why but I always feel better going to these appointments in a dress or long top too. It may just be me but I feel all bare removing my trousers and lying thete with a t shirt on but I feel more covered and comfortable thus more relaxed in something a bit longer. That may just be my personal preference but something to consider if youre on the shy side :)

Good luck and try to remember that as uncomfortable and daunting as it is, it could be the start of you finding out what is causing you problems and hopefully a pathway to a course of treatment that will improve your life. Keep that in mind on the day and you will be fine :) xx


Funny to read that I'm not the only one who wears dresses to the gino :) for the same reason.. You might want to give that a try.

As for preparing for the appointment, I think that is very important. For my last visit I did not prepare much and regretted it afterwards because I forgot to ask some questions that were on my mind. So I would suggest you think about everything that you want to ask and write it down and take the questions with you. You can also already write down all your symptoms so that you dont forget any. It is really important that you tell them everything, and dont play it down!

I found this website after my visit, but it would have been very helpful to have it before.. there is lots of info about how to prepare your visit at the GP, but I think a lot of it can be the same at the gino: endometriosis-uk.org/visiti...

and also this (especially the first link on this site "consultation questionnaire") endometriosis-uk.org/endome...

Hope this is helpful. And really, you dont need to be nervous. They see and hear similar things every day, probably even the same day. And if you feel more comfortable with a female doc you can ask for one. Its your body!

Good Luck!


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