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Pain during sex

Hello everyone, 

   I was hoping I could get some feed back on ladies who have had endometriosis surgery, I had surgery in November 2015 and successfully removed the endromitriosis form the left side on the tube and womb since the operation my bleeds have been better and almost pain free :) massive improvement!  

Recently (last week) I have been experiencing sharp pains to the right of my womb/tube during sex and I was wondering if anyone else has experience this post operation? My partner works away so I will have to wait a while to see if it happens again.  

Thanks in advance 


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hi. im about 6wks post lap. one of my main symptoms that got me here is pain during sex as well as bleeding during/after. my first few times after surgery i had no pain or bleeds. ive bleed once recently but no pain accompanied it. this week though.. omg!!!!!!! i had to stop start a few times. i could feel both ovaries! left one was worst though. its a different pain to before surgery.. i had a 6cm cyst on my right causing my pains then. so yes.. my ovaries. wasnt expecting those types of pain. im assuming being only 6wks post lap my body is still healing. my follow up was meant to be in 2 wks but because the tissues removed came back non cancerous i wont be having it til another 2months!! 


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