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Bleeding during sex?

I was diagnosed with endometriosis a year ago. The surgery removed most of the growths and it was described as mild. However recently I have been bleeding during sex and I have read this may be due to endometriosis? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm very stressed as the other possible reasons given are, cancer or STD, so sitting here worrying about that and terrified my partner has been with someone and given me something. I have an appointment but it's next week.

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I used to bleed a lot during sex and also when having smear tests.

It was cervical ectropian. I think it's pretty common so could be that? I had treatment a couple of years ago and haven't bled since.

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Thank you for your reply, would a smear test find this? As I got a smear about 6 months ago and was back normal.


It didn't show up in my smear. I went to the GP and she suspected it was this and referred me to the gynaecologist. I had to have a colposcopy. they ended up having to do the treatment under GA but normally I think they can do it at the same time as the colposcopy.


Was your initial complaint bleeding during sex? For this to be found? Thanks for the information I didn't have that on the list of things it may be


Yep. I didn't have any pain at all - I was on the pill at the time. But quite often I would bleed during sex. And there would be a lot of blood.

Same thing used to happen during smear tests. The speculum would be covered in blood and I'd be bleeding onto the bed.

But bleeding during sex was why I went to the GP.


I also experienced bleeding during sex and after nearly every exam. I hope that’s just what you are experiencing. It was shocking the first time it happened for me during sex, but once I realized what had happened I was better able to prepare myself and future partners.

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To be clear my endo has shown on my cervix which I was told by doctors was likely the reason.

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It's so easy to feel worried isn't it, however cervical ectropian is fairly common I believe and it could well be this. There are so many minor reasons as to why you could be bleeding during sex and it is likely to be so easy to sort out, so I would pop to the docs sooner rather than later and get it sorted so you can enjoy sex with your boyfriend again 😊

Cervical ectropian is when the cells that would normally make up the inside of your cervix, grow on the outside/neck of your cervix. So when you're having sex, they get bashed about a little bit and so they bleed.

I've had cervical ectropian twice...once in my early 20s where I had the cells cauterised under local anaesthetic, and once in May last year when I had my lap (I'm 40 now). It's really routine and a nurse doing a smear should be able to see that the neck of your cervix is red, instead of normal colour, if it is cervical ectropian.

It really is an easy fix, it's uncomfortable rather than painful and is all done in a few minutes. When I had it done the first time, I just chilled out in the evening as I felt a little weak and I was back at work the next day so really not a problem. And it solved the bleeding issue for 20 years 😉

When I had it done last year I had the cells cauterised while I was under GA for my laparoscopy. If it was just the ectropian it would've been done again under local. Get it checked out, you'll be so glad to get it sorted xx


Thanks for your reply, I'm seeing doctor on Thursday about it, my minds working overdrive as to why this might be happening x


Hi Sammie

Apologies for the long story but I have experienced the same thing and I wanted to share my experience with you.

I also bleed during sex or after sex and it started 5 years ago. It’s not every time, I’d say it’s about 7 out of 10 times and the amount varies from the smallest streak to a noticeable puddle on the bedsheets 😳 thankfully the latter only happens about once or twice a year!

Its been blamed on so many things over the years - from my period, to thrush to STIs to cervical ectropian. However all these tests have been negative.

I originally went to the GP with this issue and I have been referred to colposcopy twice. I had an examination and a biopsy a few years and I’ve been back recently too as the bleeding is just getting worse. They couldn’t detect anything wrong with my cervix but I was offered the cervical cauterisation anyway. Interestingly, when I went in to have it done a lovely nurse advised me to keep looking into other possible causes for the bleeding, and she decided to have a closer look at me with a larger speculum. Low and behold, she found polyps just a little higher up than my cervix that were out of reach to be removed and needed general anaesthetic.

I was then referred for a transvaginal and ultrasound scan a few weeks ago to check the severity and spread of the polyps, but frustratingly the scans didn’t show anything.

I have been determined to find out the cause of all the symptoms I’m experiencing and now I’m finally waiting for the “illusive” polyps to be removed (I don’t think the gynaecologist actually believes they are there due to the rubbish scan results!) but he’s also agreed to do a laparoscopy at the same time!

I am hoping that this procedure will finally give me and my partner some answers.

I just want to say to you that I understand that it can be alarming and scary, and googling “bleeding during sex” is the worst thing you can do!!! My advice would be to rule out all the common causes that your GP with automatically blame it on. Just get yourself to the GUM clinic to rule out any STIs. Then you can get a home testing kit from boots for thrush and BV. If everything is clear and it keeps happening then the next step would be being referred to colposcopy. It’s also reassuring that your smear test was normal but they don’t have a proper look so it’s unlikely that a nurse would be able to detect polyps or cervical ectopian etc. Just from a smear.

Good luck with everything, I’ll keep you posted about my journey and will offer any more advice that I can!

Amy x


Thank you for your reply, I have been reading about polyps and do wonder if this is a possible reason for the bleeding. I hope you also get the answers you are needing it's very frustrating x

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Hi Sammie,

I have the exact same symptoms as you.. bleeding sightly after sex (but not every time).. I also have symptoms for Endo but I haven’t been diagnosed yet.

All my Std/thrush/smear/ultrasound results came back fine when trying to diagnose a reason for the bleeding.. Plus I had a gyno advise that there was no evidence of cervical ectropian either..

A doctor will be able to tell you straight away with a visual look at your cervix to see if you have cervical ectroprian.. It is apparently very common..

But all my tests have come back fine and i’m fairly certain that I have endo too.. Although i haven’t had a lapro to confirm that as yet.

I worried about the bleeding for 4-6 months thinking there was something seriously wrong.. Thinking that it was the ‘big C’ .. Try not to worry 😊 But get all the tests you can to rule out the bad stuff! xx

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I used to bleed during and after sex so I stopped as the pain was unbearable. The doctors tested me for like so many STDs and cancer but all came back clear. So now I’m waiting for a lap. I think bleeding during sex is a sign of endo

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I have an ectropion but I’ve chosen not to have treatment. GSTS produced a very reassuring factsheet covering this topic guysandstthomas.nhs.uk/reso...

Over the years I have noticed he bleeding is influenced by hormonal changes for me. I rarely bleed when I am off the oral contraceptive pill, making me think mine is sensitive to progesterone. If the ectropion is hormone-sensitive, then this might explain why we are bleeding sometimes and not always.

You should advise the nurse when having a smear that you have an ectropion or erosion. If they make a hash of it, you will probably be recalled for another sample because the sample is too bloody. For me, I find I am less likely to bleed on smear if I schedule the appointment for the first half of my cycle, a week or two after my period ends.

Good luck, my friend. You are not alone xx


Thank you for your input everyone, I had a pelvic examination today and a speculum inserted and the doctor could see cervical ectropion, I feel less anxious now


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