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Post Lap

Hi all,

I had a diagnostic lap going on 4 weeks ago now and the mirena coil was inserted. My diagnosis was a bit wishy washy and even the doctors couldn't really help. Basically, the discharge letter said that there was no obvious pathology but there was possible endo in the pod of something (sorry I can't remember) and that the scar tissue could be from old endo that has disappeared. The surgeon did speak to me but I was too out of it to be listening properly. 

Anyway, the mirena coil was inserted and since then I have been bleeding (I was already on my period the week coming up to the lap, so I have been bleeding 5 weeks now). I know it is normal for it to settle but I am experiencing period pain and to be honest I am just fed up. 

I feel fed up and emotionally exhausted about the lack of diagnosis from the surgery, the fact that I have been bleeding for this long and I just don't feel my usual happy self. I don't want to have sex with my partner, I feel even more body conscious than I ever did before and I just feel genuinely down. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this! 

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Hope it settles for you soon . Your body is healing and it can take 6 months for the coil settle . Good luck x


The pod is the pouch of Douglas, it is behind your uterus. Your follow up appointment may tell you a bit more on what has gone on.

I had a coil fitted during a lap in January, and I bleed for a few months. And last month it became much lighter and eventually stopped. Give it a bit longer and see if there are any changes, I know how annoying it is. I was so fed up of having to wear sanitary towels all the time. And I to was exhausted and felt drained, feeling like that has improved massively since the bleeding stopped. 

Hope yours also stops x


Hi, this sounds very like the diagnosis I got I am 3 weeks down the line after laparoscopy where they found endometriosis and I also had the coil fitted at the same time. 

I've bled now for three weeks with period pain that isn't as bad as I used to get but its still very draining.I feel really emotional and anxious about everything.

 I have a follow up appointment in six weeks so hope to find out a bit more then and ask any questions that I need too.

Hope this helps a bit I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like this



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