Pain management

I imagine many of you have similar problems but why are doctors so bad at discussing/helping with pain management?

I am currently waiting for more surgery for my endo, which is thankfully at the start of May.  

I have been to my doctors several times and spoke to my surgeons regarding the pain as I have been waiting a while for the date.

The only thing they have been able to prescribed me is 60mg of codeine and 1000 mg of paracetamol (or tramadol). This makes me dizzy, sleepy and unable to concentrate. As I have to work and look after a very cute but active 2 year old, this means I am unable to take it most of the time.

I am usually in chronic pain which has worsened progressively since I have had my son. It is currently swinging between very noticeable to unbearable at the moment. This makes me snappy/grumpy which is definitely not the person I am.

I have a tens machine and a heat pad.

I was thinking about trying alternative therapies like acupuncture, reiki....anything. Does anyone have any recommendations/opinions?


D x

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Hi D, pain management is an issue for all of us, look at the complimentary surgeries and do what you fancy, its got to be worth a try! Massage is effective but I find once they stop the pain returns, I only feel relief while the massage is actually happening so in that sense its crap. You may find something enjoyable that offers a longer relief acupuncture is meant to be amazing but I've not tried it...yet. Having a toddler must be excruciating when your in pain I hope you can find something to help very soon xx

Thanks for your response. Yes I find the same with massages. I have had physio several times for my back. It really helps but a few weeks/months it is back to square one. Plus it does nothing for my pelvis pain etc.

I will let you know if I get it done if I find it beneficial.

D x

The pelvic pain is the worst! Sometimes I'll find something really good on TV and lay on the bed with a pillow under my bum with my knees bent feet flat on the bed it works wonders for the hip and pelvis essentially your relieving the pressure its worth a try. The pain could be linked to your sciatic nerve too I find a deep rub with your fingers into the right hip/bum cheek area eases the pain sometimes followed by a hot water bottle or heat pad while I'm resting xx

My physio said that, she told me to sit on a tennis ball lol. I constantly have my knees up as  I find it uncomfortable to lie flat so that is a good idea. 


Yeah I heard tennis ball too, I don't fancy that though, its instinct to gouge my fingers in to the pain and it works so why change the habit of a lifetime lol xx


I have tried acupuncture  (I had it for ibs)for the ibs it didn't do much but when I told her about my periods and pelvic pain she tried it for that and it really helped,also she told me about moxibustion it a smelly herb that they light (not a great description I know but Google it) but if you can find someone that does it the heat will help,it's often used in pregnancy and for turning breech babies so it's been around a long time.I hope you get sorted it must be really hard having the pain with work and a small child,tramadol has the opposite with me I can't sleep with it.


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