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Operation time!

Hello to all of the brave endo ladies!

Thought I'd do a small update. Basically I go into hospital on Wednesday for my laparoscopy as well as a hysteroscopy and a cysterectomy to remove a 4cm x 4cm cyst on my right ovary. As well as all of this I may be having my endometriosis diagnosis and treatment, Fallopian tube treatment, dye test AND a mirena coil insertion! 

I'm getting a bit nervous now but I really really hope this gets sorted. 

If any of you lovely lot have had to deal with any of these things please comment as I'd love to hear your opinions and history with them!

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Just wanted to wish you good luck. Let us know how you get on.


Thank you! I'll do an update after :) x


good luck 🍀 hope everything goes well xx


Thank you! Xx


Good luck - hope everything goes well for you. I'm due to have a lap to remove an endometrioma in August and have the Mirena at the same time so please do let us know how you get on x


Thanks so much! I'll keep this posted so feel free to check and see, and if you have any questions closer to the time let me know and I'll tell you how I found it! Xx


You seem so young! I've been having surgery for endo since I was 17, I really feel for you. No one should have to go through this full stop, but being young makes it worse I think. Really do wish you the best of luck, is this your first surgery? 

I was meant to have the mirena coil fitted but couldn't because of a problem with my cervix, so hope it all goes well for you! 

Good luck!x


Thank you!

Oh gosh! I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with all of that. 

It's definitely difficult at a young age as it all just gets too much. 

Yes, this is my first surgery, having quite a bit done! 

Oh gosh! I hope things are better for you now. 

I'll update here after the op xx


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