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Down with heat problem

Hey everyone 

Sooo not sure if it's linked in or  it's my depression which I was diagnosed with after my lap but today I'm so tiered my lower back is twitching with pain and I'm feeling so down like I just want to cry I thought having a nap would help but no iv woken up feeling even worse and I'm permanently hot kicking off blankets etc but then I want a blanket to cuddle because I feel like I do has anyone else gone through this bad patch? 

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Definitely know how you feel and have definitely been through what you describe. I really feel for you. I get very sore back, fever, really flushed cheeks and feel very depressed typically for a week before my period and during. It does pass temporarily though. Have you had it before? I found keeping a diary helped. X 


Well kind of but not this bad I do seem to be getting worse as time goes on I just find if I try and talk about it doctors bump up my anti depressants and pain they give me pain killers that makes me drowsy so no winning for me unfortunately x


Yes,  I suffer from all these things. Currently waiting to have injections into my Sacroiliac joint and lumbar spine due to chronic pain (I'm sure it's related to my endo,  but can't prove it) Also get night sweats,  which are utterly hideous and make me very tired,  which then makes me feel down.  I've had to take a step back and try and give myself more time to rest and relax,  as well as trying to improve my diet. I feel your pain,  hope you feel better soon x


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