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Pumped full of hormones!!!

So I went to the Dr's yesterday as I have been in so much pain recently. I already have the Mirena Coil which I have had for over 2 years and it has lightened my periods A lot. but after my 2nd Lap in December I have started having spotting quite frequently so she decided to start me on Micronor. I am already a pretty emotional wreck at the moment so I am dreading when this actually kicks in. I forecast many tears ahead of me. I am also hopefully going to be referred to a pelvic pain clinic. I am Literally at the point where I will take any clinic possible to get my foot in the door at the hospital again! 

Does anyone else have the Mirena coil and on the pill? Am I not going to just have to much oestrogen pumping through me or can you not have to much?


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Hi - I have had a quick look at your previous posts and you mention back and leg pain with pain with sex. These are suggestive of deep endo that usually isn't even visible at a lap, especially one done in general gynaecology. Where are you in the UK?


Hi I'm in Hampshire Area. Where would deep endo be placed? The Dr's have never suggested this to me and I just presumed that it would all be seen during a Lap. The fact that I have a lot of Pain during sex never seems a big issue to them, they kind of see that as the last thing I should worry about. And its not necessarily the fact it hurts that ever worries me it more why it hurts so much (if that makes sense) I do have a lot of pain in my lower back too all the time. 

Thank you for your reply.


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