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hi all. My doctor has brought up the option of stopping my periods for three months see if that helps with my pain. The only option that is available to me is the monthly injections as the last time I was on the mini pill I bled constantly for 3/4 months. I'm effectively going to be putting my body into menopause. Any body had any experience with this? I'm only 27 nd this worries me. But the pain gets so bad I'm willing to give anything a go now. 

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  • Hi , I had Zoladex for six months prior to hysterectomy. The first month was hell , bad flare up of symptoms, very emotional. By the second things calmed down. By the third things were great, no periods, no pain(apart from the cyst) fatigue improved. On the whole I'm glad I tried it as to begin with I was very unsure as I'd heard so many horror stories. Everyone reacts differently to these types of drugs but you have to do what is right for you. Good luck with whatever you decide and if you need any info or advice please let me know.

  • Have you been diagnosed and is this a GP suggesting this? Have you had other hormone meds previously and if so for how long - and where in the UK are you?

  • Hi. It's a gynaecologist who specialises in endo. I haven't been diagnosed but I have about 90% of the symptoms of it. I've decided to leave it for a few weeks to do some research but the pain can get so bad each month I'm thinking can it really be as bad as the pain I'm in at the minute. I've been on the mini pill before but that was for birth control. This is the first thing suggested as it was the first time I seen him as he's private

  • Gynaecologists don't specialise in endo - they specialise in general gynaecology and that includes endo, but in a basic way. He is giving completely inappropriate advice if he says the 'only' option is these injections. The only option should be a diagnostic lap and he is not following protocol. This is often the problem with private consultants. Click on my name and look at the recent post I just put on about the treatment pathway and also the one on how to find a specialist centre.

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