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Spotting and no period

Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this. I am still waiting for a follow up appointment with the endo consultant .

I had a very light bleed when my period was due , very little pain which settled with paracetamol . Total amount over the spotting days 20mls Max.

This is usual for me considering for the past 12 years I have suffered from heavy clot periods and severe pain. And my periods were lasting 7-10 days and putting my life on complete stand still.   I did a pregnancy test / negative. My period is very regular and I have never missed a period or had anything of this kind. I am 36 years old .

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If you have recently had surgery it can take a few months for cycle to return to normal, so I wouldn't worry.


Hi Jean

I haven't had surgery recently. The last surgery I had was in March 2014.


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