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Ovulation type pain during period ?

Hey guys -

Just had a couple of things to chat about. I haven't been diagnosed with endo but it has been brought up with by my doctors that I may have it

Anyway I got my period today, lastnight I started to get "ovulation pain" which I always get on my right ovary area and it can be quite severe so I thought I was ovulating, but this morning I woke up with my period? I've had pain in be right area all day to the point where I want to cry 

I've also noticed my period seems to only come out when I wee and in large amount where it sinks to the bottom of the toilet (sorry, gross) 

I also get pain during urination, passing gas and stools ! 

Anyone have any advice ? Is this sounding like endo? Or is it normal.. 

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I'm not saying you have endometriosis but that was one of my first symptoms so get yourself checked out by a gynaecologist and they'll do a laparoscopy if needed. X 

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