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After being diagnosed in December as having Endometriosis after 11years of pain and struggling I am finding I am at the end of my tether.

My consultant had 3 appointments before my lap and all of them I saw a different doctor as she was running over 2.5 hours late (I literally met her 2mins before lap and haven't seen her since). After the lap I was diagnosed with it on my left ovary-which was later changed to pouch of Douglas. There has been many issues with this consultant (discharged me without providing the medication she suggested, refused to write back to my GP for 2months and now refuses to see or help me without being re-referred). Nothing has gone smoothly and nearly 10months on I am no better off. 

My partner has private medical and GP suggested this is a better way for me to go, however , when we checked they will no longer cover pre existing medical problems. Does anyone know of an private medical company that accepts pre existing medical? 

Thanks so much x

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Hi did you see a general gynaecologist? And where are you in the uk?


I'm in East Anglia. I have seen a general gyne which was my consultant. 


Hi have a look on the BSGE website for a endo centre and go back to GP and get a referral to them. They are nhs but a specialist will be able to help much more. I think there is one in Norwich?  General gynaecologists are not experienced or qualified enough even if you go privately. To speed things up you could see a specialist privately for initial consultation then transfer to nhs for further treatment/laparoscopy. 


Thank you so much for your help!! I was getting all upset and it's difficult when it's not well known! I will try and get a referral done asap. Thank you again.


No worries Hun always happy to help if I can. I know how hard it can be but try and stay strong. I'm here if you need anything.


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