Sorry for moan girls though feel you only people who really understand

Ok my morning yesterday I woke in horrendous pain and all I did was cry no tablets worked and today not much better. I have tramadol, diclofenic, paracetomal that I take every four hours and diazepam at nights still I ain't slept in over a week. I have been at my gp twice this week as the pain is so unbearable all I've done is cry, I was told yesterday by gp I haven't seen before they are given me the strongest tablet combo, though my own gp had suggested oramorph oral morphine. My stomach has swollen to look 6 months pregnant and I'm really struggling. Like you all girls 😢 I eat no diary no red meat no chocolate and drink 8 bottles of water a day and a carton of cranberry juice. And to top it off I came out in hives all over my legs that itch like made oh just take anti histamine your allergic to something 😡 and was told by a friend last night her sister has waiting since 2010 only to see a gynaecology consultant and been told she has another 6-12 weeks to wait for her lap. Any suggestions greatly appreciated? This is week 5 of this bout of severe pain and it's not easing. hope you all have some relief today girls and sorry for the rant I'm sorry to moan just feel you girls are only ones that understand xxxxx

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  • Hi, oh dear, it sounds like your going through it,

    Have you been diagnosed with endo, or are you waiting for appointment, ?.

    GPS are not much cop sometimes I'm affraid, I was on 12 hour release morphine tabs 30mg twice a day, before my hysterectomy for adeno, In my case these worked loads better than tramadol, I couldn't sleep on tramadol, and the morphine didn't make me as groggy,

    If you havnt seen a gyne yet, be persistant, and don't give up or in to what the Gp is saying, keep going back,


  • Thanks very much for your reply Hun, I was told after scan I had cyst. Then after ct scan they said they think endo though still waiting for gynaecology appointment very confused though have every symptom I'm gonna call gp again as so sore again thanks again xxxxx

  • Hi Can you describe your pain round all your cycle, not just at period time and not just in your pelvis.

  • Hi Lindle thanks very much for your reply.

    I've always had very painful heavy periods started age 10, always have had clots throughout period. Lasting 5-7 days. I always have dull pain in back and ovary area, get cramps and feels like I feel when my body ovulating, painful intercourse blood with intercourse, painful smears. this current episode started on the 6th of September I'd had stomach cramps for few days prior and sore breasts to the point even water on nipples would hurt. During intercourse I was very sore so it came to a stop, i got out of bed and the pains shooting from my back round to stomach was horrendous felt sick and dizzy with pain the pains made my groin feel numb and wouldn't ease. I called gmeds who said I had highest amount of blood present in urine, so supected kidney stones, the pain in ovary and my back area was continuing and still is on the 9th I had a two and a half day bleed which was lighter than normal and was made up of small clots not big like usual, had ultrasound scan on 15th showing cyst. Then ct scan on 23 that they thought it was endo so was emergency refered to gynaecology on 17th sept. I get hot burning sensation in my ovary area sharp shooting pains in vagina, pain in back, always tired lack of energy, feel very sick when I have period, hot burning sensation in vagina like a cystitis feeling though swabs and urine clear.sometimes feels like someone poking me with a hot poker, numb groin, feels like something pressing on a nerve and gives me sciatica, swollen stomach my urine feels thick, constipation at times diorea at other times. Very emotional for week before period during and week after, feel like ribs are bruised. Terrible head aches cold sorry for rambling having a bad day and tablets making me forgetful and spaced. When I move certain ways I feel like there something there , only way I can describe it is when I was pregnant -and my sons limb was stuck and had to move to get him to move. Pulsation feeling in ovary area and top of buttock xxxxxxx

  • Hi - can you click on my name and look at my post on rectovaginal endo to see what you identify with. It sounds very much like this is what you have. Where in Scotland are you? So you haven't had a lap yet?

  • Thanks Lindle, Aberdeen Hun, feeling awful tonight my legs are out in hives and very itchy feel very sick and sore belly my gp prescribed antihistamines yesterday as they said I was allergic to something and wondered if it was the pill they had started me on? No lap yet emergency referal to gynaecology was done 17th September and got letter last week to say I'm on a lost and will be contacted when I'm closer to the top, can't stop itching 😡 thanks so much for your rely and your help will go look you up and read your post thanks Hun xxxxx

  • Poor you!! My gosh, you are going through a lot at the moment. If you are so itchy, you need to go back to gp, sounds a bit more then the medication what been prescribed to you. I know you have been there already, but they need to listen to you

    When i had a cyst it felt there was something there as well and it can make you feel afwul, specially when they are big. It made me feel horrible and i completely lost my appetite.

    It is a good thing you are going through the process a bad thing it takes so long. If you cant coop with the pain anymore just go back, call them. It is not right if someone or anyone is suffering so long.

    Wish you all the best and good luck!


  • It wasn't my normal gp Hunni so was gonna call again Monday as know she back then as the antihistamine I was prescribed ain't working. Thank you so much for taking ththe time to reply to me. Hope your well this morning xxxx

  • No problem!! It is just sad that we all going through so much and gp's are not taking us serieusly. Really difficult. I hope you will not suffer too much this weekend!

    Good luck!!

  • Thanks Hun you too. I think some of them think I'm making it up 😢 I'm never I'll par this and it makes it harder to cope with 🙊 xxxx

  • I know the feeling! Specially when gp will say you need to do stretches before you do anything(housework) or just take painkillers everyday, that wont be bad for you. That is not a solution. That is just making it up as you go along. They dont need so many years to go to uni to say those things. It makes me sometimes so angry. Specially when there are so many people suffering because of misdiagnoses or not been listened to. It is horrible.

    Sorry this was my rant... :(


  • Thanks Naomi, no need for sorry Hun you simply stating truth, that's me been on painkillers everyday for 5 weeks tomorrow and still feeling no better oh just continue taking tablets eh no shouldn't you be chasing up my appointment with hospital xxxxxlol

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