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Accused of having Munchausens

One of my oldest friends came to visit me yesterday after having a lap a week ago. Basically I had a full hyst' 13 years ago and yet at this recent they still found Endo. I have known her parents & family friends for years and one of their close friends was a GP who sometimes gave me medical advice once I was diagnosed with Endo. He is now retired and in his mid 70s and when my friend saw him recently she told him about my prospective surgery with a diagnosis of still further Endo. He told her that he thought I was suffering from Munchausens and then explained to her what it was. She rather tactlessly told me and after she'd gone I burst into tears I was so upset and I told my husband. He was really angry for me. Why has it upset me so much even though he is just another typical ignorant ex GP. I feel so low

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Hi susiepg, im new on here. Iv just read ur post and was angry for u. How rude are some people! Im currently on the sick from work again and i can feel the looks my co-workers are giving me as i hand in yet another sicknote, it isnt by choice-i didnt choose to be poorly ..They dont realise how much it hurts to hear those whispers.. Shame on those people. Im sure uv found out who ur true friends are hun so dont let rude self centred people get u down. Just cos we are poorly on the inside doesnt mean we are lying or its in our heads. Chin up :) xx


Women with Endo used to be told they had "hysteria" hundreds of years ago... This is why it is good that people retire and new doctors can be trained who read the latest research..

I am so sorry that this was said and that it has upset you this much.

I imagine I would be very angry too. I am glad you have a supportive husband who knows you well enough to counter this.

This retired GP maybe should think before she shares his opinion about your medical situation... but retired people tend to just say whatever they like as there aren't really any consequences.

Try to see him as an old taxi driver spouting outdated rubbish....



Thanks crystal willow..it made me laugh to picture him as an oldp codger driving a taxi. I was going to write to him to ask for an apology and a generous donation to the endo society but I think its would be like an admission of his ignorance. But in seriousness its gos like him that can send a women away believing its all in her head.


Two things , firstly retired or not, no GP or medic has any rights to pass judgement on anyone else's medical condition by way of gossip. It is hugely unprofessional and tactless.

Your oldest friend is not being much of a friend to have discussed your medical case with anyone else behind your back, and worse still been unable to keep her own counsel and not cause upset to you when she received a speculative and misinformed and slanderous diagnosis from someone else.

Quite frankly she's no friend to be trusted on any level. Whether she has been there for you for decades or not, that is huge betrayal of trust and I am not surprised that you got angry and upset. I would have too.

secondly the GP has slandered your reputation with a 3rd party, and that is an offense. I wonder how many other people's medical history he discusses with interested parties who have no right to that information? If you can afford it, I would suggest you contact a solicitor and discuss what measures you wish to take to stop this GP from being so unprofessional in future. Sue him in other words. Or at the very least threaten a lawsuit. Hopefully you will get enough settlement for a nice holiday out of him. He can certainly afford it and it is the least he should do for the unnecessary upset he has caused you and the damage to your reputation. Retired or not, he still has to maintain patient confidentiality at all times.

It's pretty disgusting what the GP and your so called friend have done. Don't let it pass without doing or saying something to ensure that neither of them behaves so abominably towards you in the future.


I think it was not nice of your friend to relay this conversation. As to whether you could sue the Dr it probably would depend if you were his patient but either way it was very disrespectful of you to have such convesation & I can empathise with you and the other poster who has had to endure the snide remarks and whisperings of colleogues. I have personal experience of such snide remarks and they cut to the bone.


i'm sorry but if it was me, i would not so politely tell her she should mind her own business and if she would like to stay friends with me, not to mention any of my problems to the retired gp who has no business knowing about my insides.

hugs and hope you feel better soon


I think we are all of the same opinion on here that GP,s are basically good for writing prescriptions and have the power to refer us on but thats about it really. Useless otherwise and NEVER seem to know what is wrong with their patients. They are paid a lot of money but are useless in our society. Please try and let it go over your head what he said to you upsetting as it is. He is a fool. X


I am crying inside for the way you are feeling right now, the same thing happened to me 8 years ago after I saw a new GP at my local surgery. I had just undergone a total hysterectomy with removal of ovaries and was told I also had a problem with my bladder and I was trying to find out what was wrong. The total hysterectomy was needed after things progressed very quickly after years of not being told anything was wrong. When I was told in the GPs surgery I nearly had a breakdown. The GP was later removed for untoward touching of a patient. I am slowing trying to rebuild things that were lost that day, I still have ongoing health problems due to not being able to take oestrogen and not knowing why, I feel I may still have endo xxx My heart goes out to you xx


Thanks everyone yr responses have really cheered me up. I have decided to write to this ex GP and as part of an apology am going to ask him to make a generous contribution to the Endo society ha, ha! My husband is doubtful but will let you know if he does apologise. All I hope for now is that he stops short of giving his opinion if it arises that he meets another gynae sufferer. I am at a loss as to my friendship though, she has apologised by text for telling me but nothing more.


You have every right to an apology and I hope you get one.


My husband & I read this, and were horrified! How could anyone say that! People are so ignorant and rude. I am disgusted to think that a person, let alone someone who dare call themselves a (retired) doctor could think this way.

I have endo - frozen pelvis in the pouch of douglas etc. I had to have my two children by c-section. I then had to have my appendix removed. Fourth op, I had an umbilical hernia, then another suspected hernia that was endo outside the womb. Op no. 6 was when they tried to do a hysterectomy, only to discover how bad it was and managed to remove 1 ovary with a 11cm cyst. Just had horrendous op 7 - endo twisted my small bowel and caused a blockage = 6 inches of bowel removed. Nice 11 inch scar - 40 staples. What would he say about me then? LOL!!

I hope you feel better soon, and are surrounded by lovely family & true friends xx


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