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Endometrios specialist please help! Need first hand recommendations

Hi ladies.

I am new to the site but am desperate to find an endometriosis specialist a good one. I have researched many endometriosis centers but am getting very confused and hoped I might get some first hand recommendations.

I live in Devon however I am willing to travel anywhere and most of my family are in Manchester.

I've read up on a few Drs but if anybody has had experience in Devon/Manchester or even Birmingham that would be great.

Also I am considering paying for a consultation but can't afford to go completely private unfortunately.


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Hi this lovely lady helped me with some information around a specialist on this site.i am currently under bham womens but not happy with service.i spoke to my gp who is referring me via choose and book to bmi priory. it is on the nhs.ive spoken to the secretary and there waiting times are not as horrendous as nhs hospitals.sorry I can't comment on the consultant itself as not seen him but speaking to his secretary she was helpful.hope this is a small insight


Hi very new to all this ourself we found a specialist in Glasgow; saw him the other day it cost £200 to see him and surgery is scheduled for Thursday at a cost of £4000 but you an get a healt care card a bit like a credit card interest free for the first year and .9.9 after but it would help with the cost we could wait for the op on the nhs but that would be a 18 week wait and i could not let my daughter go through that . But I would have thought there would be a good private clinic near you phone them and ask if they have a endo specialist as he may also be the nhs guy too hope you get it sorted soon good luck xx


Hi. I live in Manchester and I'm going to the one at the Royal Oldham Hospital on Tuesday. I shall let you know how I get on. The lady I'm seeing is called Dr. Gaity ahmad or Ahmed, I can't remember just now. By all accounts the centre has got good reports. Remind me on Tuesday evening to let you know how I get on coz I'm guaranteed to forget lol x

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I've private messaged you re an endo centre


I am under the endometriosis team at John Radcliffe, Oxford 


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