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Please help


Hello! I realise I have been posting in here a lot however I am in a place where I don't know if I have endometriosis or not - all responses are greatly appreciated! Today has by far been my worst day. I have a killer migraine, diarrhoea, stomach ache, achy legs, achy back and achy hands (I don't know why my hands are aching, probably from typing in here too much!) I guess what I want to know is does this sound normal to what the symptoms are for endometriosis? I am scared that if I have a laparoscopy all they will say is "it's just IBS". I am running out of motivation to continue living like this, it really does knock you off your feet once a month!

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Hi! I literally could have written this today! I am not sure if I have endometriosis either but I suffer with the same symptoms, diarrhea everyday, stomach cramps, I ache everywhere but also suffer with random bleeding and pain during sex :( I have my laparoscopy in 2 weeks and am scared I will just have IBS too, as that has been the diagnosis for the past 5 years! Sorry I can't offer you any advice, just want to let you know you're not alone! xx

Aw bless you, it's awful isn't it! Try not to worry about the laparoscopy, if it turns out there is no endometriosis it's a good thing as its a very painful thing to live with so I have read. If you do have it, it will give you a peace of mind! Please forgive me for asking but have you had a chlamydia test? That can be a cause for unknown bleeding during intercourse, if you have tested and it came back negative then at least it's ruled out! I really do wish you the best, if you need anybody to talk too, I am right here!

I was saying exactly the same thing to my mum earlier! If they find anything, I'll get on with it and at least I'll have some answers, if it's not endo then I'm lucky and hopefully still may have a good chance having children still. Nooo that's fine! I don't mind you asking, we're all friends here! I had a full screening done about 6 months ago because I'd had a 2 year period and nobody knew why, so they tested me for literally everything! It all came back negative and I've been with the same partner for 2 years. Aww thank you lovely. The same to you too! x

Dam Daniel, okay well at least you're all in the clear!! Let me know how it goes! Did you have an internal exam before this laparoscopy??

LMAO @ Damn Daniel :')

Yeah true! I will! And not really, I guess they had a look at me when they removed the coil but they didn't say anything! I also had a ultrasound scan which confirmed PCOS :( I'll keep you updated and let you know how I get on, but I definitely think you should push for a laparoscopy too. That is the only way it can be diagnosed x

What's is PCOS?? Yeah I will but the thought scares me ahaha!

It stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It's an hormone imbalance disorder which causes heavy bleeding, excessive hair growth (I know girls with full on beards), oily, spotty skin and can make you gain weight and become infertile, it's honestly absolutely great! Jokes of course.

I know it'll hurt but I'm in pain right now so would rather have the answers x

Hahahaha hahahahaha, such a wonderful thing to get, girls are so lucky!! Yeah you'll do great! GOODLUCK x

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