Please help :(

Please help... I literally can't deal with this pain anymore. I haven't yet been diagnosed with Endometriosis but I match every single symptom. I've been having problems for almost 10 years and I am only 26 and had 8 surgeries for this alone. Last year I had to have an ovary removed - I still dont know why.. something about infection and blockage. I suffer badly from ovarian cysts too. But I have severe pain even when there are no cysts present. I have been queried for endometriosis but the diagnostic procedure is yet to be carried out. I have an appointment with my consultant in 3 days but dread everytime I see him as I don't feel like I am taken seriously at all! It almost feels that they're thinking.. 'Ahh she's back.... AGAIN' This pain has ruined and finished my career as a singer on holiday parks. Constantly being in and out of hospital and I have just got no where.. I don't know what to do anymore. Pain killers do not help.. does anyone please have any advice... Sorry for venting on here I just don't know what else to do and none of my family or friends really understand :(

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  • I'm sorry you're in so much pain. You say you've had 8 surgeries.. What were they for?

  • I'm sorry you're in so much pain. You say you've had 8 surgeries.. What were they for?

  • All for ovarian cysts Katie.. All except one have been laps.. but one they cut me straight across from one side to the other when they removed my ovary and tube :(

  • Oh gosh I'm really surprised you have not had a lap sooner! Wishing you lots of luck on finding out what is causing your pain! X

  • I have had 7 laps that what I'm saying... But its all been for cysts.. Seeing consultant tuesday but they just dont listen to me... they may have been trained and have knowledge.. but they arn't the one experiencing it and its not ruining their lives :( Just had enough now!

    But thankyou x

  • If your not getting on with your consultant dont forget you can change. Im on my 3rd one in 3 years. Its important to have one you can trust and who listens. In terms of pain what have you been taking? Normal painkillers do not work for me so i have to take tramadol and naprofen to get rid of it

  • Hey! I also take tramadol.. although it doesn't take the pain away and makes me disgustingly ill! I hate the stuff! I'm due to see my consultant (or someone in his team) in 2 hours! The last time I saw someone in his team I could of smacked her in the mouth! I was trying to ask questions.

    1) Whats my chances of fertility now? - Her reply?

    "Why would u think you would have problems? You have both ovaries I wouldn't even worry about it."(4 months prior to this I had my left tube and ovary removed - so she hadn't even looked at notes!!!)

    2nd question) What can I do for pain or what procedures can be done? - Her reply?

    "You're not the only one in the world with this pain! Its just something you have to learn to put up with and deal with!!!!"

    I'm terrified for today! I just need answers and help! :(

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