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Where can I have an AMH test that doesnt cost a fortune?

Hi, I had a laparoscopy in June last year to remove my stage 4 endo which was attached to my bowel and block one of my tubes.

I was told that conceiving naturally was unlikely but I was told I could have nhs ivf.

When going through the tests to prepare for being referred to nhs my fsh results were to high and I was told this would mean I was ineligible for nhs treatment.

My doctor recommended I paid to have a AMH test to find out my egg reserve size.

Has anyone had experience of this and know where I can go where I dont get ripped off paying for consultation s as wellas the test?

Thank you for your help

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I got an AMH blood test at Nuffield hospital but did cost £98. This price was seperate to consultation fee. Have you checked with your gp to see if they would do it for you? X


Hi tinkerbell,

It was my gp that suggested it but I need to go back to her and say that I would like to have it an maybe she will advise where best to go. X


Hello, I'm not an expert on this but suggest you approach amh with a bit of caution and read very latest studies on it if you get a low result. My best friend was told her amh levels were v v low, went into huge depression as she was told there was a near zero chance of having her own children with naturally or ivf. But very recent studies (past 2 years) have shown low vit d levels (I think) can throw the results. I'm only posting as it was such a traumatic experience for her unnrcessarily - her egg reserve was fine. She has had endometrios since early 20s and several laps and conceived naturally within 6 months of trying (she did a lot of work on diet and taking a load of extra vitamins and supplements) She was lucky that her very top private endo expert could reassure her to ignore her amh result but I think this new research is pretty new and not everyone will be aware of it yet.

Apologies this is a bit second hand - My best friend is the expert and has read all the studies - i think amh can be very useful but if you get a low result it's worth questioning rather than taking at face value. It was a terrible time for my friend totally unnecessarily. good luck X

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Thank you so much for taking the time to post. It's a minefield of women's emotions with this condition and fertility hurdles to climb. X

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It's overwhelming on a whole other level. applebird on here has posted good tips on diet and supplements. Good luck xx


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