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Clomid - where can I buy this

Hi, I am trying for a baby and yesterday went to the consultant to have fertility test to see if I am ovulating. The consultant told me I would be given clomid to help me ovulate, but this will be after my next appointment which will be in 4 months. I am 41 so don't want to leave things too long, has anyone bought this online? Please help

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If you have some savings. See a fertility specialist in the private sector. If you take clomid you'll need to be monitored closely by a gynaecologist. You can't do that on your own.


Thanks, I am seeing a specialist, I just want to move things along.

I cannot afford private


You can't buy Clomid, you can only get it on prescription. How long have you been trying for?

Do you definitely know you can't ovulate, or are you waiting for the test to tell you. Some of the ovulation predicator kits that you can buy from a chemist can be helpful in giving you a better insight into what's going on.


You can buy it online, I have been trying a while, only ovulating on a irregular basis


Wow didn't know that, I'm surprised given it's a drug with some pretty severe consequences (multiple births etc) But as @Marion78, you need to be closely monitored on it - I was producing 3 or 4 follicles each round so best to have expert input.


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