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Getting a diagnosis (I have IBS)

Hello everyone, I'm new here and hoping someone can help. 

I've had IBS for 7 years now and although it's a pain it's been under control, until the last few months where I've become really ill, resulting finally in an A&E visit last week. I'm being referred for a test for Crohn's, but when I asked my GP whether it could possibly be endometriosis I got told 'no probably not, it's just your IBS'. Whilst I'm sure this is true, I just wish someone would take me seriously and at least listen to my concerns! 

I know the symptoms are similar and I'm sure it's 'just my IBS' but has anyone else had trouble get a doctor to refer them? I'm really struggling mentally with being told oh it's just IBS, especially when it's getting worse. 

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I would ask to be referred to a gynaecologist for further investigation. If they are unwilling to do so I would find a doctor who is.

I told my doctor I had endometriosis due to my symptoms (I was fortunate in a way as my mum had the disease and I knew about it). I was initially given an ultrasound and told I had PCOS. I had to go back several times before it was eventually agreed that I should have a laparoscopy. I am now 2 surgeries down and another pending for severe endo.

My bowel surgeon has said I have IBS but that a lot of my symptoms may also come from endo on my bowel/in my bowel area. What are you symptoms if you don't mind me asking? Personally my bowel symptoms tend to worsen during my period.

I had tests for Crohn's etc but they all came back negative.

I hope you get it sorted.

D x


Push to be tested.

I have had a lot of bowel symptoms caused by my endo. I have an adhesion sticking part of my colon to my uterus and endo on my bowel. Before I was first diagnosed with endo I thought I may be suffering with IBS. My IBS type symptoms used to turn up a week before, the week of and the week after my period.

Wish you the best of luck


I too was diagnosed as ibs which never was I had a laparoscopy that diagnosed endo and adhesions my Bowel was fused to stomach wall. I ended up in a and e once severe pain I don't think ibs would ever cause u to go to a and e. There's a lot of stores on net about misdiagnosibg ibs for endo 

Good luck x


Hi what kind of symptoms do you have period wise? I have IBS and the gyn thinks I have endo, I'm currently trying out the coil to see if it can help. 

However I do hate that saying "just your IBS" IBS is a horrid condition! There is not just about it, being in constant pain is no fun and I think it can ruin your life!

When I was getting my ultrasound done apparently my bowel was very aggravated and even the dr then tried to dismiss my symptoms, saying it might just be my bowel that's causing all the problems and I had to get tested for coeliac disease, which came back negative. 

I think your bowel and womb are really closely connected and one definitely affects the other for me. I've had IBS for 11 years and been suffering with suspected endo for the last 2, even though doctors like to blame your bowel straight away I think you know your own body and this is what I basically had to tell my GP for her to continue to investigate my endo symptoms.


Wow, that sounds exactly like what I experienced for years with no relief. I even had repeated labs, was put on every different birth control pill or form of estrogen possible...only later discovered that the estrogen was the cause! Last May, I discovered a treatment which has seemingly cured my endometriosis, PCOS, related pain, and ALL symptoms...I was constantly fatigued and overall felt awful. My joints hurt and I literally was worried I had cancer or something terminal...that's how bad I felt! Apparently, many women today are estrogen dominant (birth control pills make it seriously worse because of the synthetic estrogen) and the elevated estrogen in our bodies throws the body out of synch. I began using an over the counter progesterone cream (ProgesterAll) which is also available online. I used it religiously morning and night...into the second month of using it; huge results. No more cyclical migraines, horrible ovarian pain that lasted for days, cysts, or ANY of the terrible issues that I had been experiencing for years. I've currently been on it for right at a year and have never had such regular periods and been so pain free in many years. All of my migraines and 'sinus' migraines and allergies have quit too. I am not taking any birth control pills or anything that could possibly increase estrogen, as the progesterone naturally balances it and counteracts the effects of estrogen...thus, the ovarian pain from my ovaries being literally fried by too much estrogen has totally stopped... I first started experiences all of those symptoms with the use of birth control pills when in my early twenties...I am now in my mid thirties. Months after using progesterone the endometriosis, all symptoms of it, literally vanished as the elevated estrogen was no longer worsening it, etc. This is just my personal experiences but please consider reading up on estrogen dominance and the use of progesterone to counteract too much estrogen! It literally gave my life quality again and ended all of my pain and the constant sickness.


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