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Hi, I need to rant. After having zoladex. I had 6weeks of bliss I felt like a human, went had had fun even kept up with my house work. Two weeks ago they put the coil in. And I regretted the moment they pushed me to have it! Now two weeks on I've bleed for 8 days the most horrible pain! I've had a headache for fives days that wont shift I feel sick from the moment I get out of bed til I crawl back to bed! I feel no Better I've doubled my paracetomol and codeine and now I take naproxen the strongest dose I can have. I'm back to struggling doing the housework, my actual job and being a wife and mother im just so annoyed that I've gone back 20 steps and feel so crappy!! I told my consult I suffer with headaches and migraines to which is told me I WOULDN'T get with the coil. I beg to differ I feel so crap and annoyed and guilty. I struggle to do anything normal!! Arghh honestly I'm at a loss and I so angry I just want it to go away sorry for rant x

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I'm on the mirena coil and initially it is a bit of a pain. However I've found the symptoms like that do die down.

With regards sickness, speak to your doctor about anti-sickness tablets. They help me a lot. Cos codeine is notorious for sickness.

Also check out ginger tablets, they helped me massively. Ginger tea is also fab. Holland and Barrett also sell 'ginger ninjas' that you can eat on the go and again they've helped me loads.

Other tips for pain and stuff check out:


Info on tens machines, castor oil heat packs and more.

Hope you feel better soon xxx


Hi I had the coil fitted during my first laparoscopy against my wishes. I gave it 8 months then had it removed. I would say its more likely the codeine causing the headache as I use to get chronic ones when on them. If no better go back and insist your Dr looks into as its not nice when it affects you daily


Hi hunny, sorry your struggling with your symptoms, I've just started zolodez, no change yet, apart from boobs killing, have you had a lap for removal off endo, and are you under a bsge centre, I hope the coil settles for you, x


Haha! I wish!! My consultant said said that because there's no cure there's no point doing a lap!! I think that's why I'm so annoyed and down. Even if they took what they could and then gave me the coil I might feel differently. My plan is to give the coil 4-6 months depending on how bad it gets and then request a lap again. And if they refuse again I'm looking at going private. Hopefully someone will help me. I see all these posts about people at least having a lap and I'm jealous tbh they've had something that may help and I've been told no....

Tgr first month on zoladex for me was horrendous. I had a major flare up. By the time I had my second injection they had to give me hrt because of the side effects of the menopause. The third and last injection i have I started to feel relief. That lasted six weeks. Then they said I wasn't allowed anymore and was going to see what happened. I had sic weeks of bliss only twinges which I can cope but then week six began everything returned. So they put the coil in. And I may not be giving it enough time but now I just feel like crap. Double amount of pain. I always get migraines when every I am on any form of contraception which is why they took my implant out and stopped the pill years ago, and now they are back. . One step forward and 20 back... Zoladex does kill your boobs mine went up a cup size. But that does calm down. Hate this disease i hate the fact its invisible pain and that when they told me what I had after 7 years I felt hope. But then your constantly feeling let down... I'm researching a private Dr in my area hopefully I find a good one that actually listens. X


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