Tired, no energy and trying to carry on as normal at work!

Hi all some of you may remember I posted on here in Dec 2015 just as I had lap, it took me two months after my lap to return to work ( my lap sites got infected ) I had quiet a bit of surgery large cyst removed, right Fallopian tube removed, endo was found on my bowel, pelvic wall and my uterus is bulky. I was commenced on zoladex I'm due my fourth one this week. Now I'm stating to bleed heavy all of a sudden along with bad period pain. My mood as been up and down I've been teary because of what happening; weight gain and feel unattractive. My main chick nice enough is I went back on phased return to finish earlier everyday. Well that lasted 2 weeks people just think because your in hospital everything sorted, chance would be a fine thing, I've got my injections every month,then the bloating swelling achy bones in my ankles elbows and knees. What are we suppose to do, yes I need my job but my concentration is poor I just need among of sleep. I'm still waiting for my consultant review to decide what the plan is. Any advice greatly appreciated. Hope your all well ladies xx

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  • If you have a bulky uterus it is possible that you have adenomyosis. This would cause heavy bleeding and painful cramps. Might be worth speaking to your GP about this x

  • Thanks kirstyjane x

  • Check your contract of employment. Contact acas, cab both free you may need to apply for esa. You may need your job but maybe your needs time to rest then a change, maybe work from home but you need to get your health sorted first. Hope you areunder a bgse centre if not request a referral.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks hope your well x

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