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Last period 18th Jan, cystitis feeling?

Hi everyone, just need a little advice really.

My last period was on the 18th January and it lasted 16 days, it was also quite heavy and painful for the whole of that time.

Usually my cycle is about 37 days but for some reason it has been 51 days since my last period. I know that irregular periods are normal with endo so I am not worried about that but I do find it strange that my periods were regulating at 37 days and then lasting about 5 days then all of a sudden I have 2 in one month, one of them lasting 16 days and then the next one is taking ages to come.

I also have been experiencing pressure on my bladder since Saturday night. It is like I am going to get cystitis but I am weeing normally and my wee doesn't sting. I have been drinking loads of water and even those cranberry sachets but the feeling is still there, it is so uncomfortable - does anyone else ever get this?

Luckily I have another lap on the 22nd so I have my pre-op on Monday to chat with the nurse if I need to!

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