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Recurrent UTIs due to endo?!

Hi all

Hope everyone is ok and doing as well as can be!

After a long battle with awful periods, ovulation pain and fatigue I was given a laparoscopy in May and endo was finally diagnosed. During the op they removed patches of endo as well as scar tissue that was wrapped around my bowel. They also fitted a coil which I had removed in November as I was bleeding every day and gaining weight.

My periods have settled slightly (although still a lot heavier than 'normal') but I still get lots of pain and fatigue. Since the end of December I have had 4 urine infections - all treated with antibiotics - the last of which was just last week. I was advised to get checked for STIs - which I have done - all clear. I'm at the end of my tether and in so much pain - could this be the endo flaring up causing the UTIs? If so what can I do?!

I'm 29 and have 2 children - divorced last year so no plans/desire to have any more children! Any help/advice would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks in advance lovely ladies x

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Hi Hun it could be ic which inflammation of the bladder. I think it's commonly known as as painfull bladder syndrome.


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