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Hi, I am new to this community and wanted to ask for some thoughts and advice!

My periods started when I was 13 and have always been very heavy and painful. When I was 19 I started having pain during sex and with bowel movements. All was investigated and put down to IBS!

I went on the pill which I believe masked my symptoms for years. When I came off the pill to try for a baby the awful periods returned. At my worst I was having monthly urine infections, excruciating bowel movements with bleeding and very heavy and painful periods as well as mid cycle pain. I spent most of the month in pain with a couple of Ok days here and there. I struggled to conceive and was diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries and prescribed clomid. I was told it was likely I also have endo. I have conceived twice with clomid and have two wonderful children which I feel very blessed to have. When pregnant all my symptoms went away.

After the birth of my second baby I started to have abdominal pain, went to the doctor and was advised to have the implant. Again the pain eased and I had no periods. I had the implant removed two months ago to try for another baby and have had 8 awful long weeks!

My periods have returned very very heavy and the pain is worst before bleeding starts. I have pelvic pain almost all the time which ranges from a dull ache to cramps which feel like my muscles are being ripped in two. Pain during sex is awful and makes me feel very guilty. I also have painful bowel movements. I have found this time very stressful due to the pain and it has affected me a lot emotionally. I have seen my GP a few times who has told me that my perception of pain is worse due to feeling anxious and has advised me to have the implant put back in and seek help for anxiety! I feel like my symptoms are being completely disregarded and put down to psychological.

Any thoughts? Does this sound like endo?

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Yes, I would say that your symptoms sound like you could have endo. Have you ever been referred to gynae for investigations?

Perhaps look at Endometriosis UK's list of symptoms. You could mark off the ones that relate to you and take this to your GP to ask for a referral xxx


Thanks so much for your reply! Yes I have had a look at the list of symptoms on Endometriosis UK and tick quite a large number of them. I have been investigated by gynae from a fertility point of view. I have yet another GP app this week so will be asking for a referral, not sure how supportive my GP will be tho, fingers crossed xx


The above answer is a great suggestion! It's not uncommon for many of us to be told there is psychological component to our condition. I had a similar situation, pushed for a referral and found I had stage 4 and andemyosis after a diagnostic lap. Stay strong and get your referral!!!


I've been told a similar thing by my previous GP. I changed to a new one and got referred to gynae straight away. Please do the same.


Sound so like endometriosis. Just be aware that endometriosis can strangle your bowel and that I had to have a bowel resection as a result. It didn't show on any scans etc & I was lucky to be referred to a bowel/gynae specialist who was able to find the endometriosis and do the operation.


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