Teaching children about Endometriosis !!

My daughter has started high school this year and theyve been learning about human reproduction and causes of infertility in women, and although they didnt go into detail, they did mention endometriosis!!! Im so pleased it was discussed, no matter how briefly, it will hopefully help young girls to be aware of the condition and what its effects may be.

My daughter is a little too clever though and has realised because i have it she may have it too :-( A difficult conversation ahead of me which i thought would come a little later on. She says how lucky i am to have even had children ❤ and how right she is!!

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  • I'm so pleased they discussed it and so it should be more discussed. Since having my lap on Tuesday and they found endo it's very hard knowing I have a daughter and she might probably go through this too. Xxx

  • i know. ive had a few tearfull moments thinking if my girls have it too. dont want them to go through what i have! knowledge is the key though and at least we know what signs to look out for early on. hope you're resting up!!!!

  • When I came around from surgery my consultant asked if my mum had got it too, in all the years she has been poorly I have kept saying to her you need to go to the doctors but she never listened to me. im trying to rest as much as i can xxxx

  • my mum had problems for years and general gynae did a hyster. looking back it was highly likely to be endo. my sister suffers similarly to me too. i know its hard but try to take it easy as much as you can. x

  • At my school one of my friends teachers stopped her lesson to talk about it to her students and the next time I went into the school (I'm in self paced till I get better) my school counsellor and teachers were more understanding so I think she explained it to them too.

    I try to explain endo to everyone I talk to, male of female regardless of being 17, at first a lot of people go "Ew periods" but then realize it's a disease and it's so much more.

    I wish they taught it last year though because my school counsellor told me then that a lot of girls were having bad cramps and bad periods. I'm thinking about making a video about endo during march and having my school show it on our news program.

  • that sounds like a really good idea hannah. there needs to be so much more awareness about endometriosis. i wish i had known about it when i was younger.

  • I just have no idea how to write a script b/c I know people daze out about stuff that's too scientific but if I don't explain everything they won't get it.

  • maybe someone at endometriosis uk could help point u in the right direction

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