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First lap "no endo?"

Okay so I'm seriously confused. I was sure my symptoms were so closely matched to endorse that this is what I just be suffering with

- I have chronic pelvic pain, pain during sex, lower back pain, constant fatigue, cramps when I'm on my period, before I went on the pill (tmi) I used to have really heavy, long periods and very irregular ones too. I often feel quite bloated but have no other symptoms of IBS. Sometimes I feel like I need to pee but I can't feel like a strain on my bladder sometimes when I pee. Every symptom is always worse when I'm due on my period and then gets a bit better a few days after it.

I had my first lap yesterday by a regular gynae and he couldn't find any ends and took pictures of my ovaries, Fallopian tubes, liver, uterus and they looked clear and perfect according to my mum (I didn't get to seem them as I was very groggy). He suggested IBS (which is don't think it is as my bowels function fine and it doesn't relieve any pain even after following an IBS diet). He suggested Interstitial Cystitis. He write in my discharge summary, that my uterus is normal and ante erred, mobile ovaries, Fallopian tubes, liver, and POD, appendix visualised and appears normal. However nothing mentioned about vowels or bladder being checked?

I guess I'm just a bit concerned he's missed something especially since the lady who went into theatre before me told me her first laparoscopy showed endo, yet he couldn't find any endo on her and suggested IBS?

Everyone I spoke to said I should go see a specialist and get a second opinion but I don't want to have another laparoscopy for nothing again?

Please help, I'm so fed up of this all, I just want answers.

Thank you in advance, Amy

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I'm afraid you may need a second opinion - it's very important to have a laparoscopy done by a gynaecologist that specialises in endo, not a regular one, as it is apparently easy to miss.

I had mine just a week and a bit ago, and even though I live in London, I went to leicester to be operated on by the doctor I found online was very good at endo. I obviously don't know what the outcome would have been if I had a regular gyno operating, but my endo is very mild, as the surgeon said, and was hidden behind the uterus, between the bowels - I don't know if a regular gyno would be able to spot it.

I'm not a doctor, of course, it's just something that occurred to me when he was describing where he found it.

On the other side the operation didn't help much with my endo anyway, I just know what it is... So if I were you, I'd check other options first, the ones that don't require a surgery. According to doctors it's easy to mistake endo symptoms with other illnesses. So maybe your doctor was right it's not endo.

I hope you'll find out soon!!!! x


Have a second opinion. I know this is hard to go through, but it is your body, you have to live with your body, have it checked out, otherwise you will have this constantly on your mind.

Good luck


Well, amy, I think you'd better wait for some time and recover fully form the procedure. Your lapo was performed only yesterday, body won't respond marvelously no way, honey. I believe you should calm down and recover first. As for the second opinion girls are absolutely right. But this should be done not right immediately. Firs lapo may remove endo, but some ladies write they have it come back after some time after the surgery. This must be taken into consideration..

Take another expert's point of view, but later, now take some rest. May healing process be quick for you, Hugs Xx


I have just had a very similar experience - all the symptoms but no sign of endo on my lap. However my doctor still thinks it's endo - she says that it's common to find nothing even when you're symptomatic, and for it only to be visible a few years later. You should make sure that they are still pursuing the possibility of endo - maybe by stopping your periods for a bit as a diagnostic test.


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