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First Lap: Stage 4 Endo

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I'm not really expecting replies I just needed an outlet.

I have suffered for 25 years but only just been diagnosed.

I had my laparoscopy on Monday morning, where they had to make 4 incisions.

Although I've been telling GPs for decades that I'm sure the pain and symptoms were due to endo, it was still a lot to come to terms with in reality.

I am due to have a pelvic MRI to check how deeply it has effected my organs. I was offered the injection that brings on menopause but I declined it, rather waiting for the next operation that I've been told that I will need. This next operation is to involve a colo/rectal surgeon. I'm 99% sure that it had spread beyond the pelvis and in to the thoracic area, if not further.

The relite of it all is slowly hitting me and I'm finding it difficult to cope with.

Due to my Mum dying from ovarian cancer 2 years ago, the surgeons looked around for signs of cancer during the laparoscopy. Fortunately they didn't find any but just hearing them saying that they had been looking for it in the first place is frightening.

I have several other health concerns going on and have upcoming referrals for those issues. It's just all getting too much to cope with and I needed an outlet; somewhere where others are suffering the same issues.

Ordinarily I would have discussed this all with my Mum but since she passed I have been a lost. My husband is pretty understanding, but nothing like my Mum was.

Thank you to anyone who has read this. It has helped to write it out.

7 Replies
Rrl12345 profile image

Oh lovely reading your post is like reading my diary I too lost my mum to ovarian cancer, she was my world and like you hubby is amazing but doesn't understand in the way our mummy's could have done. I had a lap 6 months ago for deep severe endo and ended up having unplanned bowel resection and no respite from my pain and scan yesterday showed cyst on my ovary so really worried again. Endo is a horrible life changing illness and so hard to stay strong and positive but your mum would be so very proud of all your are dealing with and you are not alone X if you want to chat private,y drop me a message just wanted to reply as I lay here in pain on the bed saying you are not alone so many of us understand your pain me particularly given the similarities in our journeys, be kind to yourself and take time to recover slowly from the op big hug xx

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JackieBo in reply to Rrl12345

Just wanted to say that I've read your message and you're not alone in this. I hope your healing is swift from your recent lap. ❤️

You're not alone hun, we understand. Hugs & hoping your recovery goes well 💛 Xxx

Thank you all.


joreilly profile image

I was also diagnosed last year after having symptoms for a similar length of time. I've since had 3 surgeries and I'm doing really well. I wanted to check first off that you are being treated at a bsge centre as bowel endo in particular needs specialist treatment. I also noticed that you said you'd been offered the injections and wanted to say that lots of ladies on here have had these - they're not an alternative to surgery, they're for pain relief and might be worth considering if you are struggling to manage your pain or if you will have to wait a while for surgery - I've had both decapeptyl and prostap.

take care of yourself. x. It takes a while to come to terms with the diagnosis even when you were expecting it.

Pineapples profile image

That sucks I'm sorry :( I hope your next lap goes well and you get some relief from your symptoms <3

Maha1989 profile image

I wish I can give you a hug. You are not alone. I am 27 years old have been suffering for more than 6 years and was only diagnosed last year. I am trying to have a baby...Remember me in your prayers 👏🏻 And I will keep praying for you. Stay strong ❤


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