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Second opinion definitely worth it!!

I had my second opinion today at a different hospital and it went very well. All the staff were very friendly and the consultant listened to me. I was told by the previous consultant that my only options were endometrial ablation or a hysterectomy. Today I finally got told that it sounds like I have endometriosis and I need a laparoscopy. Just waiting for a date now!!!!!😃

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So glad your second opinion worked. I am thinking about this. I saw a consultant last week who won't even do a lap, they said because they gave me zoladex and it really helped the pain but then came back straight away once it was out of my system. So they have said that that was a test to see if I had endo,, so they say I have endo and because I'm only 28 they won't give me a lap or any form of surgery until I'm at least 40 she gave me the coil on day 3 and still in pain hopefully it will calm down. Really not impressed with the way she was with me, and thinking of giving the coil at least 6month and if I'm not happy then I'm going to get a 2nd opinion 😐 I'm so glad you're getting what you need x


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