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Ladies, has anyone experienced pulsing feelings of pain localised to the right groin area?

Hi ladies.

I was diagnosed as having endo in Oct 2014 and had patches removed. Over the past year I have experienced throbbing, pulsing like pain just in the right upper groin area and is very uncomfortable. It seems to be linked to my cycle and comes on just before and during my period. Sometimes the tenderness extends to the side and top of my right thigh (not sure if this is secondary pain, from the groin area!?).

I have had recent internal ultrasounds and there is no visible enlargement of my right overly, nor any cysts which are unusually large.

The pain and discomfort is making me a bit loopy and I know it's coming monthly and causes such unrest and can't be escaped; hurts when sitting (almost like I can feel pressure in that area of something there which shouldn't be) but also when I walk.

Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience of it just being localised to the right side & if anyone knows from experience what it could be?

Thanks in advance for your insight.


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I get pain very similar to what you have described. I know I have a nodule of endometriosis on my right utero-sacral ligament and I am assuming that is what causes that pain. I also feel pressure when I bend down or pull my knees up as if there is a mass there. x


I get this in the left of my groin right before my period and on first day its stabbing aswell, I have some sort of pelvic floor tightness which I'm waiting for treatment for so don't know if it's that or the endo but it's very unpleasant and painful x


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