Hello ladies... anyone live in the Reading area?

Hi all! I'm looking to potentially hold a charity ball in the Reading area...all the profits from tickets will go straight to Endo UK. I'm currently at the very early stage of looking at venues, meal packages etc... would anyone else be interested in this? I just want to raise awareness really, and it would give people a chance to share stories about their experiences. If anyone wants to know more, please just comment and I'll reply asap :) thank you x

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  • I used to live in Reading PA if that's the state you are referring too.

  • I'm afraid not, I'm in Berkshire in England! Thank you anyway :) x

  • Yes I live in Reading, i would be interested :) x

  • Hi! That's awesome news. Whereabouts in general, can I ask? X

  • Yeah it's nice to hear someone's local :) I live in Woodley if you know that area? x

  • Yes! I'm in Spencers Wood so not far away at all :) how old are you if you don't mind me asking? I'm 23 x

  • Oh wow are you :) I'm 27, I've always wondered if anybody on here is local to me x

  • Yeah, it's a small world isn't it! What's your last name? X

  • Have replied in a private message x

  • Hi, yes I do and I'd be interested. I live about 20 minutes from Reading. x

  • Ah that's great! I'm looking at venues at the moment, still researching so at the very early stages :) x

  • Not sure if you can personal message on here? Don't really want the whole community on here knowing my mobile number and email address but happy to give it to you?

  • I've just sent you a message... Hope it works!

  • Hello, I live in Swindon and have a friend who lives in Woodley - I love the idea of your charity ball!

  • That's a great idea I have family who live in Spencer's wood xx

  • I am in Swindon and it's only 45 min or so away - I moved here from Reading in fact! Would be interested. Meech

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