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Ligament injury from litho tony position during gynae op anyone ?

Hi I'm

On this board cos I recently got diagnosed with suspected endo and am having a lo next Thursday to find out .

This chronic constant groin pain came on in October when I had a Hysteroscopy to remove a polyp .

I've just another gynae for a THIRD opinion ! He said he thinks it's more like ligament damage from the positioning during the op .

I can't walk each day and hAvent been able to work since October .

Has anyone heard of this happening to anyone else ? Sorry it's a bit off topic but endo is all I have thought of for the last months and now it's taken this bizarre twist .

It's outrageous

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Sorry I meant to say I am having a lap.but it seems like the damage and pain is just from ligament and mud skeletal damage


Hi, I really do sympathise with you. My situation could be simular to yours. I had a lap back in May 2014 where I had a left endometrial cyst removed and adhelious. I was given a diagnosis of endo and that was that. Prior to this I had 3 bouts of severe cramping causing me to shake and nearly vomit before a period but other than that I've always had fatigue and always feeling 'under the weather ' for years ( so think that's part of endo being an auto immune disease) always had painful periods but not to the point of stopping me from working. Anyway a couple of weeks after my lap when I tried to increase my activity I started to experience severe pain in the left of my groin making it impossible to walk. This pain would be worse before period and when ovulating. It never felt comp okay and I would always feel it, I never walked at my usual pace again. It got pretty constant after about 6 months. Back and forth to GPS whom said it's ' your endo' but It never sat right with me as I couldn't wash my foot properly in bath and I didn't have this pain before my lap. The surgern was really unhelpful about it all. Anyway to try and cut a long story short I haven't been able to work since April last year and after seeing an endo specialist in jan this year he's thinking it's more likely muscular skeletor ( could also be some superficial endo as MRI didnt show deep endo) I developed bladder problems pain with BM and severe pain with sex and examination and orgasim. It could be that my pelvic floor is too tight which can cause all these problems- very confusing as these symptoms are simular to endo. But the fact my mobility is so restricted makes him think its pelvic muscles being the main thing causing my pain. I'm now waiting for pelvic physiotherapy so until then I won't know for sure but it does make more sense to me. The groin pain is so debilitating so I really do sympathise and I find it does move around into inner thigh and hip. I hope this has helped I'm sorry it's a long post but it's been a long journey that's difficult to condense! Good luck with your lap and I hope you get some answers Xx


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