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Has anyone been given tramadol as a pain killer and if have does it help, I've been taking 30mg cocodomal but even at max dosage it doesn't touch my pain! I track my periods and ovulation as I'm looking to have another child, and a week before period, and a few days before ovulation I'm in intense pain, anyone else have the same problem! Waiting for second referral as gynaecologist just wanted me to have mirena coil and I don't want that obviously trying for a family!

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Hi there, I take tramadol anyway before I had the endo symptoms, it doesnt really do much for the pain to be honest, Im still on the hunt for a painkiller that actually works, I take a lot anyway for my Fibroymalgia, with yourself it probably trial and error to you get one that your comfortable with and one that helps with the pain.


Hello there. I was on that at first with endo symptoms; did not touch the bloody sides. Then tried zapain and still no different. So I've been on tramadol a while and it's the only drug with naproxen that I noticed made any difference. Took a lot of pain away but not all. But that was taking 8 tramadol and 2 naproxen a day and I still am in fact. I've been feeling really bad again past couple of months but I don't know if it's pill or them not working anymore or what. I can't be on anything stronger as have 3 year old to look after. So it's worth trying tramadol but everyone reacts differently with meds. I also had same issue with gynae wanting me to have the coil but then decided against as cervix check was excruciating so.. Good luck with conceiving!! Hope pain goes! X


I've just been prescribed tramadol but I'm yet to use it - I'm hoping it works because I can't cope anymore

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I use tramadol on an evening to sleep. I'm very sensitive to opiates (not so much for pain but they make me drowsy). I take two when I go to bed and usually sleep through. It may be psychological though but it's what I've found to counter sleepless nights due to pain.

During the day I've found that sometimes normal codeine (30mg) helps as it doesn't make me as drowsy but it eases the pain so I can function.

Nothing I've found gets rid of the pain completely but just try a few. oh and strap a hot water bottle to you, that does work for me! (Not that I've actually strapped one to me but you get the point...!).

Good luck x


Yeah I took one last night just before bed and i feel like I canback to sleep all day but can't as have 14 month old baby! I find that it's easier to get through the pain in the day as I'm so busy, I use aloe Vera heat lotion and I have bought myself a tens machine and use heat pads as well! I don't think that the cocodomal really have any effect except they make me a bit woozy in the head


Might be worth asking your GP for codeine then like me. Sounds as though you're quite similar to me in the meds respect. Then just take 1 with two paracetamol on a morning and see how you get on during the day? X



I had tramadol before my previous surgeries and it wasn't great tbh but as others have said everyone is different. Currently I have been given a modified release dehydrocodine (slow released) which seems to be helping and I have the use of my regular dehydrocodine as break through pain relieve along with paracetamol, what I would say is regardless what combination you find best is to watch your bowel movements as a lot of these drugs can cause constipation so try taking a suitable softener daily as well to reduce chances of constipation.

Hope you have a good day xx


Hi Charlie. I have had Tramadol just once in a doctor's office during an immense migraine. Worked by the time I got home. Just so you know that Tramadol is the generic for Ultram and is in the opiate class of drugs. It is used for moderate to

severe pain, so it may help you. You need to be careful if you are currently taking

tranquilizers, sedatives etc and no alcohol. You can have some serious consequences by mixing these drugs. Not to be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers. Your OBGYN

is the best source of qualified information on a powerful drug. Good Luke and hope

you get some relief from the pain.


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