It's making everything so difficult!

After suffering since I was 15 years old- I am now 18, I was referred to a private hospital for period problems from my GP, after being constantly prescribed medication and not being properly looked at or listened to!

I had my consultation appointment at hospital yesterday where I had two internal exams and it turns out that I have suspected Endometriosis. I have to go back for an Ultrasound in March and then back for a Laproscopy late March/early April.

I've just been feeling a bit alone recently as nobody I know (other than an older woman) understands fully and it's hard enough being a teenager!!

I talk to my boyfriend about things too but I feel like he's my carer at the moment as I can't even bath myself- he has to physically put me in the bath and wash my hair (how embarrassing!!)

I'm exhausted every time I go to work and physically can't seem to deal with work load or even sitting/standing for long periods of time.

I'm finding everything so difficult at the moment as not only do I not have someone who truly understands to talk to but even the simplest daily tasks are proving to be a challenge.

Fingers crossed this all gets sorted soon but now I'm just struggling on a daily basis.

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  • Hi becca,

    Your not alone sweetheart!! You will probably notice more people have endometriosis than you first thought. unfortune for most women they do not get diagnosed until they are well info their 20s.

    Until you have your lap you really won't know what it is causing you so much discomfort. Fingers crossed it isn't endometriosis!

    If you have any private questions please feel free to message me. I know it's very hard. Coming to terms with it was the hardest thing for me.

    Take care


  • Thank you so so much.

    Your reply meant so much to me, it really made me smile.

    It's nice to know I'm not alone.

    I hope things are okay with you! I'll keep you all updated x

  • I'm 19. I suspect I first had endo when I was 15, as that's when the mild symptoms started. But it's only just being investigated properly now. Not had a lap yet to find out for definite. But I empathise with you. I too feel like my boyfriend is my carer. I feel guilty when he has to pick up the slack, because I can't do something. And he's always having to take care of me when it comes to emotional and mental issues. I imagine it's hard work, but I'm grateful, and I make sure he knows he's appreciated whenever I can.

    And I also feel very alone with this struggle sometimes. So know that I understand, along with others on this site :)

  • This message means so much to me! It's such a relief to know I'm not alone. That's exactly how I am with my boyfriend too- we're both clearly lucky girls for having such loving partners!

    I'm so sorry you're having to go through this too but feel free to message me whenever and I hope you get your lap too if it's what you want. I'll update on here once I have had mine next month.

    Bec x

  • I agree. I often doubt myself and question if he would be better off without having to look after me all the time. But he's kind and understanding, so he reassures me that everything is ok. Even though I feel like a burden at times. So yeah, we are lucky :)

    Sorry about your endo trouble too. And thanks, yeah I am hoping to get a lap. Feel free to message me too, if you want.

    Good luck with yours :)

  • That's exactly how I feel. It's really starting to effect our relationship which again is effecting everything else. Just getting tired of it all now!

    Good luck x

  • You are not alone, this forum is a wonderful place for support. It is hard to take guilt to the gp as a symptom, but it has a big impact on your life, be kind to yourself x

  • Thanks so much, your message meant a lot xx

  • Hi becca, I'm 21 and I am waiting for my diagnosis still iv had my symptoms for 6 years. I have just seemed to be passed from one doctor to another. Your not alone I thought I was too but after doing lots of research and joining here it does help. I also feel like my boyfriend is my carer and I'm very sensitive with feeling poorly all the time so it can cause friction which I feel awful about as I know it's just me and the illness getting me down. I hope you get answers and help soon, remember your not alone. X

  • Hello! Thanks so much for your message. I'm sorry you've had these problems! Have you been referred to a gynaecologist for them to give an internal exam? That's exactly how I am too, he constantly has to reassure me that he's happy to do all of these things. Thanks again! I'll keep updating here with posts and I really really hope you get your answers too! xx

  • I was referred to a gynocologist for an internal exam and they found pre cancerous cells and my lining wasn't in the right place. After having had the cells surgically removed it has made no different. So I go back in a couple of weeks and after spending time in hospital a doctor telling me that he's certain it's endometriosis I'm hoping for a laproscopy to be arranged. I hope you get your answers soon! Xx

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