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Hysterectomy really scared !!!

Have been waiting on this op for over 15mths & now have finally got a date for surgery on 2nd March , I live in Northern Ireland & my surg was supposed to be in City Hospital Belfast but due to the long waiting list , I have been transferred to another private health care provider probably can't say on this site but in Belfast I thought great , then I get a phone call yesterday telling me my surgery has been transferred to Enniskillen Hospital which is roughly 100 miles away from home , I really anxious about surgery as it is never mind being so far away , not worried about the hospital as gets fantastic reviews but the fact that my husband has to take time off work , kids out of school & the added expense of booking into a cottage nearby , this is added to my stress !!! any advice please

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Hi Allie, I'm having mine on the 3rd so I can completely understand your nerves. All I can say is try not to worry and just take each day as it comes. I wish you all the best for your op and a speedy recovery.

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Hi Allie, in a long term it is so much more important to have a good hospital and good surgeon then to have it done close to home. Think long term also for the kids. Few weeks out of school mean nothing as a nice holidays for them. They will catch up soon, but they will have much more healthy and happy mummy. And that is what is most important.

Good luck with your operation. I am also about to have a hysterectomy, but not date yet.


Aww thanks ladies for ur support & words of wisdom , & very true never thought of the bigger picture but so so true nothing would b better than my wee kids having their mummy back to "normal" as these days we are not having any family time as mostly I'm spending it in bed too unwell to do normal mummy things with them & what's a week off school when we can all be together in a lovely cottage & help my recovery , thanks again & good luck to u also xx


Hi allie I am also from Belfast and I had my hysterectomy nearly six weeks ago..you are going to be anxious and emotional too..well I was but I'm telling you six weeks on and for me it's been a complete turn around..the first Couple if weeks I'm not going to lie were exhausting and I bled quite a bit after and thought ooh no but was seen and they said it's normal to bleed up to six weeks and I was doing to much so I did rest up.m but now it's all gone..I'm up doing light exercise..I'm going back to work on Thursday! I feel a whole weight has been lifted people keep saying the difference in me in a few weeks has been amazing! I feel that way! So good luck with your surgery! Sending you love xxxx


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