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Diagnosis Lap results and Cerazzete

After 11 weeks I finally got my diagnosis laprascopy results. I went to see Mr Morris at Cromer Hospital who is one of the Endo specialists I've seen.

He explained my lap results showed I have a lump of Endometriosis in my Pouch of Douglas which has adhered to my womb and bowels.

He has advised I go on the mini pill (Cerazzete?) for pain management but after trying the combination pill, coil, injection, and patch I am concerned and actually really not sure I want another drug messing me up... no contraception has agreed with me - vomiting, depression, weight gain, extreme pain.

He said this is just while I wait for an MRI scan to see the extent of the Endo. Would it matter if I didn't take the pill? My partner and I don't have sex as it's painful and I make do with my hot water bottle for the pain during my periods.

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Hi - we aren't supposed to mention specialists on the main forum but this person is a general gynaecologist/obstetrician who specialises in urogynaecology (the waterworks). You have rectovaginal endometriosis involving a nodule that must only be dealt with in a specialist endo centre where the surgeons have undertaken advanced training. Please can you click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find a centre (be sure to read all the links) and also the one on rectovaginal endo.

The pill won't make any difference to this type of endo and the evidence is that pre-operative hormone medication has no effect on surgical outcome. You can find this at section 2.5 of the European guidelines (ESHRE) that underpin NHS treatment:


There is however a case for post operative contraceptives that aim to prevent recurrence. x


Sorry I wasn't aware. Thank you I will have a read. Honestly it's a bit scary the thought that it's on my bowels.


I've had a look at the list and my hospital N&N is on the BGSE list. It's all very confusing to me. Is my Endo centre not right for me? Why do different Endo centre specialise in different areas? My doc did say that maybe I'd need to speak to his bowel specialist. I'd really appreciate your advice.


Hi Wendy - yes, this is a specialist centre. It was a different man of the same name that came up when I looked so many apologies. The lap you had was diagnostic just to get an idea of what is involved and this has lead them to do an MRI to have a closer look and to see how deep the nodule goes. They can't tell this at a lap and it could be that you have other unseen, deeper nodules that would only show on MRI. When the results come through the team will all get together (gynaecologist, bowel surgeon and urologist - if there are any bladder/ureter issues) and discuss your case so that they can carefully plan it. It does sound as though they are being thorough so sorry for worrying you. x

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Oh thank you Lindle that's good news :)


Hi, totally agree with Lindle.

You need to see an endometriosis specialist at an accredited centre.

All the best.


The doctor Wendy saw is an endoscopy specialist and Cromer hospital is a centre of excellence. I myself found him to be very good.

I have the same problem as you Wendy and can't tolerate any kind of hormone treatment and also had it on Pouch Of Douglas. after trying different hormone treatments at a previous hospital I pushed for an operation and he agreed willingly so it might pay for you to just ask if that's a possibility for you. I also agreed to doing a drugs trial with his registrar so that may be another option for you. I'm surprised he's suggested an mri for you as he never suggested it to me x


I'm surprised that I'm having an MRI after the lap, if my Endo could have been seen without a lap then why wasnt that my first option? :/


I have not been diagnosed yet but am getting on really really well with Cerazette! My heavy 2 year long period has finally stopped and I no longer have periods, I am out of pain and my "IBS" is slightly better!

Hope I helped!!

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Thank you, I know everyone reacts differently. What other contraception have you tried? I'm concerned that it says it only works for those under 11st so as I'm 13st I don't know if it will do anything for me.


II've tried the implant but it made me loopy

I've tried the coil and bled constantly for 2 years (not sure if that was endo or not) so got that removed and now I'm on Cerazette!

That's not true at all, I'm well over 13 stone and getting on with it absolutely fine xxx


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