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I don't want the coil!

Hey everyone!

I'm due for my first lap in two months and the surgeon wants me to have a coil put in at the same time, I've clearly stated I do NOT want one and will be really upset if I wake up with him.

He said regardless he thinks it's a good idea, so I'm having one.

Is this legal? I know they think it will help but I've had issues with them in the past and I'm sure I have the right to say no?

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Of course you have the right to say no. Call up the department and make sure to specify you do not want one and on the day the surgeon and team will come around and you have the right to decide. I only decided on the day and went ahead with it but it was completely my choice. They can not do it against your wishes so make it very clear to them on the day. Don't let anyone make you feel you are not in control as its your body. Hopefully you will have another surgeon or perhaps you can request someone else if your not happy with him. X


no this isn't legal at all!! When I had my lap they asked to put the coil in and I said no, when they make you sign the paperwork before your op make it states NO COIL!! take a photo of the sheet if your worried then you know your in the right and should one be put in you can sue them - don't panic to much, they cant do it if you say no xxx

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Yep when you sign the paperwork before op make sure it says no coil so there's no misunderstanding. I chose not to have the coil on my op day as that was the first time it was mentioned . I know it is an ideal time to have it put in if you want one but I didn't . But don't feel pressured or worried its your choice and you totally know what you want😀


May I ask why you are against it?

It is 100% your choice. X



No it's not. You have the right to change your mind. I said yes initially then on the day of my lap, changed my mind and wrote across my paperwork - no coil. It is your body.


It has been shown by some studies that the coil help to prevent the recurrence of endometriosis after the operation. My surgeon was going to put it in, however my womb is too small for the coil. He doesn't seems be bothered either way.

So if you really don't want the coil, just make it clear on the pre op paper, it is not in the planned operation bit. The consultant went through what he was going to do, what he may have to do, and risks about three times before he made me sign. So you should have no doubt what is going to happen.

All the best


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