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Should I have another laparoscopy?

Hi everyone,

I had a laparoscopy August 2014 which is when they found endo. To be honest, the operation hasn't given me any relief since I've had it, if anything the daily pains have got worse.

My consultant advised me to try the coil as pills don't help me whatsoever. I have an appointment booked on the 23rd to get this fitted but since my check up appointment I have had some new symptoms such as bleeding after sex and a 16 day period. I've also been getting the same pain I had before my surgery in the same side that they found the endo.

At my check up the consultant told me I could have another operation and get the coil fitted at the same time or try the coil first. She advised I try the coil first because I'm young and operations can build up scar tissue. But now I've had new symptoms I'm concerned and think I would feel better if I had a thorough examination before having the coil fitted, so that if my endo has grown back they can remove it first.

What does everyone else think? Should I have another operation?

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I am about to have my second laparoscopy this week, my first one was in April 2014 when they diagnosed me with endo after being in constant pain for 8 mths.

The first Laporoscopy was like magic my pain seemed to disappear overnight but after a few months the pain reappeared just not as constant, now I have flare ups (that have no pattern or warnings too) but again I can be doubled over in pain and end up off work for a week or 2. The coil was suggested to me after my first laparoscopy but personally for me I didn't like the thought of a coil and also I have been prone to get PID. I have had implanon for the past 8 yrs, Which has been great and I had no issues with it up until 3yrs ago when I started with the pain and I was bleeding with irregular pattern.


I think you should see an endometriosis specialist before you do anything else. And a laparoscopy doesn't do anything except diagnose the disease-unless they lasered it aswell? Have you tried running the pill tricycle? That means taking it for 3-4 months without a break and then 7 days.off. What are you taking for pain relief? Xx


They lazered it off and if they do another one and find it has grown back they will laser that off too. I tried the pill system but the pill is awful for me and my body and hormones. For some reason the pill causes me adddd pain! I take co codamol for pain relief. I used to take codeine then tramadol and then told the doctors no more as they are not good for you obviously. I am happy to try the coil I would just rather a thorough examination before having it fitted especially as I keep bleeding after sex and have had extra long and painful periods and the pain is getting worse daily.

It's just annoying that endometriosis can't be seen on a scan!

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I agree. You could take tramadol and codeine you know (I'm a nurse prescriber). Is the codydramol 30/500? If the bleeding is heavy you can take transanemic acid. Have you tried mefanemic acid? Another thing you could do is take 75mgs of aspirin (after food) for 1 week before your period is due- difficult to gauge I know! This breaks down the prostaglandins. I had the mirena coil fitted. I am sorry you are having a shitty time. Endo is a horrid disease and has affected me, and other members of the family. Xx

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