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feeling trapped!

Nothing makes sense!Wish I felt supported by the medical professionals...feel like my time is taken chasing them,and at time not feeling believed!What ever is causing this pain it gets worse with periods, effects bowel (constipation) and constant weeing around period, my periods never feel like they don't release properly, and all puts pressure on each organ. periods last on average 10 days, sometimes more. Tired so much! Beginning to feel at my wits end! Constant pain in right side of back, wonder at times am I not telling people the right info.

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Hi I feel for you I have had a similar story and similar symptoms what is your go telling you don't know if you have had a gynaecologist appointment but if not you prob need one do you take any meds I'm 46 have very painfull periods constipation issues cystitis and urinary incontinence during periods and a few days before but no infections present I had a laparoscopy they told me nothing was found no endo they told me it prob ibs related as had had some ibs when younger I had tried a Moreno coil before didn't help have tried cerazzette gave me breast cysts after lap they wanted me to try contraceptive pill which I did but seemed to aggravate things worse constant painfull rumbly belly gp wouldn't give me a different one said they all the same have eventually got myself referred back to gynaecologist and have another pill to take back to back for three months then a break and it does help you need to ask for things it is very hard ask for gynaecological referral maybe screening for cealiacs I hope you manage to get something sorted I'm stil not 100% certain there is no endo in my body as I've been told some gynaecologists can miss it and it usually picked up by specialist in the endo centres I have asked for a referral but been told no endo was found so don't need a referral but for the time being pill does help I don't now your circumstances but don't give up on getting the help you deserve


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