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Endometriosis management?

I had a lap on the 13th Jan. On my discharge summary it says "Miss Shah, known with endometriosis, was admitted for laparoscopy, adheslolysis and laser treatment for pelvic pain.

No Adhesions seen, several endometriosis spots lasered in the Douglas pouch and uterosacral ligaments. Uncomplicated procedure" they also did ovarian drilling while they were in there for PCOS.

The thing is... I haven't been on hormones for a year and a half & still didn't start after my op. I had a bleed for 3 days after the surgery. Nothing since. The pain in slowly returning? I have made a follow up with the consultant for the 4th of March.. what do you guys use for contraception etc after removal of endo?

I've tried the coil, Depo, implant & pills & they all made it worse before!

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Hi, did you have your lap done in a BSGE centre? Only you said they lasered it, do you know why they didn't excise (cut it out).



No. Just my general hospital. He told me he was highly skilled. He didn't tell me why he lasered it 😢 but I went to out of hours tonight and they told me going by where my pain is (as I'm still in pain) the endo is back again?? I'm new to all this so idk. Is that possible in a month!? Xx


Unfortunately genral genes are not as skilled as they need to be, I think you should go back to your GP and ask for a referral to a BSGE centre, this is where the endo specialist surgeons work from, these surgeons have had a further 2 year skilled excision training, excision is the gold standard of treatment not laser, and because of where your endo was/is you should be seen at a BSGE centre,

Look up a lady on here called Lindle and check out her posts, she is very informative and you should gain as much understanding as possible in order to get the best care possible

It's a mind field unfortunately



Thank you.

I did speak to her before. She did tell me to not go for surgery with him. But at that stage I didn't know how skilled he was. But when I had my appointment with him he said he was trained to do excision so I let them go ahead. But when I woke up from surgery he had lasered it 😕 The suffering never seems to end 2 laps in 2 years & it's still just as bad 😢 I need to make an appointment with the GP so I will definitely get them to refer me to a BSGE centre. Thank you xx


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