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pain after hysteroscopy to remove polyps ashermans syndrome and Endo has anyone had this?

Hi I had a hysteroscopy to remove polyps 12 weeks ago. Prior to this I was pain-free but just had heavy bleeding . A few weeks after the treatment I started to experience really bad groin pain and pelvic pain I was kept in hospital for four days after going to a and e with the pain. I was told this was suspected endo and the gynae me booked in for laparoscopy on 3 March 2016 to diagnose Endo and to hopefully have it removed .

I have since been reading about a condition called Asherman syndrome this is where adhesions form in the uterus or womb following a hysteroscopy. This in turn them causes Endonad the uterus gets blocked and the tissue then starts leaving the womb over ways and causing endo apparantly it cannot be diagnosed via Laparoscopy as the adhesions are inside the womb and they can only be diagnoseda d removed by a hysteroscopy .

Angry isn't the word as I was pain-free prior to the polyp removal I just had heavy bleeding

Well my question is has anyone heard of Asherman syndrome or had pain following hysteroscopy? I'll be really interested to hear if anyone else has had pain following a hysteroscopy after having a polyp removed or if anyone has heard of or had Ascherman syndrome and how it was diagnosed or treated etc . apparently it is only heard of and treated by a couple of surgeons in the UK I really don't know which way to turn I am in constant pain in my groin and I can't walk far or stand for long and I have three young children . Every day is an uphill struggle dealing with the pain as I'm sure it is the same for many of you on here.

Many thanks has

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Hello, did you ever get answers, I'd be really interested to know as I suspect I have the same. Thanks x


Did you ever get this resolved? (I hope for your sake that you did). I just have to ask as I’m currently going through something very similar. I had a hysteroscopy around 5/6 weeks ago and I’ve been in so much pain ever since - more now than before the surgery. If anyone else sees this I’d really appreciate advice. My doctors dismiss me with stronger pain meds and I’m still on the waiting list for the laparoscopy. X


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