I want to know more about kissing ovaries and endometriosis

Endometriosis with kissing ovaries?

Iv tried to find out more information about it and it's just scared me even more I have 5 children lost 24 babies so iv had this for a very long time and only the last 3 yrs they have found it. I'm finished having children I'm 35 yrs old and very happy with what I have . Can anyone ex plain to me if I have the surgery I'l be done with but still take my norethisterone for life I'l be ok. From what iv looked up it will keep growing on scars which I had a c section which is why my womb is so bad having it all out will it grow again on my scar from child birth can someone pls give me more insight on this pls tk u xxx

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Ok, I'm abit confused, what operation are you talking about having, removal of endo and adhesions, or a hysterectomy?

If you can give a little more info myself or someone else may be able to help you,

How was your endo diagnosed?

Where was your endo found and do you know what stage/type..?


Gynaecology 3 yrs ago having cancer scare I got checked and it turned out be endometriosis. Iv been on treatment of norethisterone for 3 yrs now it's gone to zodiac for the past 8 months or so this time it's not helping at all. My gynecology wants to c how far it's grown and where and then he will remove whatever is infected by it so yeah looking at having most of it all taken out apart from one Overy xxx

Make sure you read Lindles posts and take her advise, get referred to a specialist and don't let e genral gyne operate on you until you have been seen in a BSGE centre.


Hi Charlene, I'm currently recovering from having my ovaries out on Thursday and the consultant told me that mine were kissing, apparently my right ovary was stuck down to my sigmoid colon and my left ovary was being pulled into it. As far as I'm aware its when you're ovaries touch each other behind the uterus. I would definitely read Lindles posts as she is really clued up xxx

Kissing ovaries usually occur when you have cysts on both ovaries caused by endometriosis (endometriomas) and the ovaries become stuck to each other behind the uterus by scar tissue (adhesions). This would usually occur with severe endo. A hysterectomy will not cure endometriosis as you are likely to have it in places other than your uterus - and may not even have it on your uterus. So carrying on with the pill would not guarantee that the endo would remain inactive. Even if you had your ovaries removed as well you would need to take HRT at your age and that can stimulate any endo that remains. Endo can also produce its own oestrogen too. So the surgical plan must first be to excise all your endo rather than removing organs. You need to be seen in a specialist centre so click on my name and read my post on how to find one.

It's not clear if you already have endo on your c section scar. But this is rare. Many women have C sections without getting scar endo.

Ur scaring me now I can't move I'm on zodiac and the norethisterone but it's gotten to painfull to do anything talking moving ect I have no choice but to do something I'm done having children I'm already been on hrt hormone replacement for 6 months the gynecology wants me on both . I'm not going to beat this am I babe . Iv had 3cysts on them or in them it's the left side that hurts the most and lower tummy and bk . I strongly believe it's my left Overy and my womb it's coursing to much pain I'm in a wheelchair its that bad . Do u end up like this babe I'l have a look on ur page thing if I can find it tk u xxx

Please be reassured that we have proper specialists who will treat you far more thoroughly than general gynaecology will. Many are in your position and get great results after excision surgery by a specialist.

Hi, sorry to hear about your ordeal. I had kissing ovaries and my wonderful gynae had it sorted and believe you me no pain for +-8 years until endo came back. This also depends on who's doing the op. In South Africa is good doctors and I still have faith in my gynae even though I had my womb removed. All the best!

Hi , this is what I'm worried it growing bk I believed once they remove it its all over . Now knowing it will grow bk again it worries me having to go through all this again. Because I have a c. Cection scar it will grow bk quicker right ? Oh I'm scared of the whole thing it's grown that much that I'm on very high meds more than iv ever been on I don't like having to live like this way xxxx

Hi, my endo came back but my ovaries stayed in tack. The doc must see if the ovaries is fine and make the call from there. I pray they can save your ovaries and only remove the endo. Not everyone is the same. so just try and be positive.

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