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Laparoscopy - my experience

I thought i would share my recent experience of having a laparoscopy. Everyone is different, and having read many personal stories on this site i understand that nor everyone has the same experience. I'd say my experience was good and positive and as yet, no complications or issues to report. I'll try and keep it short but please feel free to ask me any questions!

Referral for surgery

I have done a separate post on this, but it took about 5 months to get on the operating table! I was treated at The BMI Highfield in Rochdale (private hospital but i was a lucky NHS patient)

Pre-op tests

I did have to book some time off work (2 morning appointments) ahead of the op to attend a pre-op assessment. The first was to take a blood sample and do MRSA screening.the second was a week later (jst before surgery) for a second blood sample. Word of warning here - make sure you are fully hydrated before the blood sample. They struggled to take mine on the second app and this could have delayed my surgery.

Admission and what to take

I was told not to eat or drink 8 hours before, which was fine because i was to be at the hospital 7.30am. I took my overnight things just in case but was told it was unlikely i'd stay in. Things i would suggest you take with you (aside from the obvious) - dressing gown and slippers (I didnt think i'd need them) but you will need to walk down to the theatre, i had to wear my Uggs! Juice for when you come round (they give you water but something sweet is much nicer), throat sweets (you will have a sore throat and i couldnt stop coughing!) Something warm for the car home, i was freezing cold all the way home!

Theatre and op

Having NEVER been in hospital since the day i was born (33 years ago!) i was pretty scared. Dont be afraid to ask questions and the nurses will explain anything. They do tend to assume you know what's going on but just ask. I had no idea how the anesthetic was given, so it was abit of a shock when i realised it was a needle into my hand (I have hard to find veins so would have prepared myself better!) that was quite painful but only for a short time, you are soon out cold. The surgeon will have spoken to you before hand about what they expect to find and complete, so i asked a rough time for when i would be done. At least i had an idea of what had gone on then when i woke up roughly the time he said. As I understand it, the longer you are under the harder it will be when you come round. I went down at 11am and came round 12.30.

Post-op (coming round groggy)

I personally felt awful coming round, like the world was spinning and i couldnt lift my head off the pillow (thats probably very normal but this was all new to me!) They moved me back to my room to come round properly (that was about 1pm) and within 10 minutes i was able to send a text so i suppose i had my senses back! You definitely need someone with you, the first time you stand up you are sore, stiff and dizzy. The nurse said i could go home if i was able to stand up ok and that i had been for a pee. If you cant do that, they need to monitor you. Luckily i was out around 3pm and on my way home.

Recovery and stitches

Being quite naive about surgery I thought i would be in bed for a day and then up and around the next. NOPE! The consultant signed me off for 2 weeks and i was like, PAH, whatever. Dont underestimate how delicate you will be. The first night was bad, sleeping on my back, feeling woozy and aching pretty much all over. Luckily i had no gas pains, just aches from the surgery. I took painkillers every three hours which kept it at bay. I'd say after 3 days of not moving much i felt i could walk around, make a brew etc. Yesterday was day 5 and i drove my car. Not such a good idea. Still stiff and in pain so probably too soon. I had small dressings over the three 'holes'. After 2 days i removed these and found the teeniest stitches! Literally so small, i was shocked. They are healing nicely now after 5 days. I am estimating by mid-next week i'll be able to drive properly and wear my high heels :-)

I suppose I've had a pretty seamless experience, no drama or difficulties. Dont get me wrong, i was so scared (such a hospital newbie!) but found overal the surgery and the recovery hasn't been half as bad as I was expecting. G x

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Thank you so much for this!

I have my first laparoscopy the end of Feb and i'm dreading it. I have hard to find veins and they can never get anything into my hand, so thank you for the heads up

Hope you're feeling much better now


Good luck! Try not to worry. I just advise drinking lots of water before your samples to aid the pesky veins. Sometimes a sugar boost helps too (probably not very scientific but works for me) for the anesthetic needle it's tricky because you're nil by mouth. It does hurt a little afterwards so I used ibruprofen gel for a day or so which helped. Hope yours goes smoothly xx

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They had to go in my arm (like a blood test) because my veins in my hand were so tiny and I was incredibly dehydrated.. I was supposed to be first in at 9am but my surgery was delayed until 2pm. Arm was fine actually just a little awkward for them during my surgery apparently as my whole arm needed to be out of the bed during surgery hahahaha.


Thank you for this post!

I'm on the waiting list for a diagnostic lapo and I'm dreading it!

I've already had a pre op assessment, this was done at the same time as my gynaecologist appointment and referral.

She said she couldn't see or hear anything that would suggest endometriosis but because of my symptoms and the fact that they eased (ever so slightly) when my gp put me on microgynon when I was 17. She said that would suggest I have endometriosis but as I'm now on the implant there might not be any lesions etc but she wants to have a look anyway.

I still get bleeding but very rare. It still hurts like hell!

It's strange cos I'd be upset if they didn't find anything, I want answers...

Hope your recovery is speedy! I'll need to tell my boss I'll need about two weeks to fully recover!


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