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3 days of unbearable pain

Hello ladies,

I've got up for the 3rd day in a row in a lot of pain, it's unbearable where waking is too much let alone getting into work. I am on pregablin and amitriptyline, I spoke to my doctor yesterday who then also prescribed me cocodomal. I've been using heat pads but it just won't give over. Has anyone found pregablin this unhelpful? xx

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Hi Kirstie - did any more come of your request to be seen at an endo centre? You have endo on your bowel that couldn't be removed in general gynae and should be seen at a centre. Where in the UK are you and how old are you?


No I'm currently being seen at my local hospital who I was told would refer me as my gp couldn't...It all seems hard work and like you never get anywhere fast

I'm in Berkshire and I'm 28


Hi Kirstie

As previously advised your GP is wrong and if the local hospital know you have endo too complex for them to deal with they are in breach of NHS contract for not referring you on to a specialist centre. The centres were set up to prevent women from being treated inappropriately in general gynaecology and specifically allow referral from primary care - ie by a GP. This is stated in the requirements to be a BSGE centre on their website as is the requirement to accept all stages of endo. But it is most important in complex disease. Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre.


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